FNSS KAPLAN MT will be exhibited at IDEF'21 with its updated version

fnss tiger mt will be exhibited in its updated version
fnss tiger mt will be exhibited in its updated version

📩 16/08/2021 11:24

KAPLAN MT, the first vehicle exported by the Turkish defense industry in the tank class, will be exhibited at IDEF 2021 with its serial production configuration.

The design perfection work for KAPLAN MT, which was developed within the scope of the project where FNSS successfully applied the technology transfer model to PT Pindad, and for which the serial production contract was signed after the prototype period tests were successfully completed, was completed.

The KAPLAN MT, which will be exhibited at IDEF 2021, has successfully completed the endurance and firing tests carried out in Turkey and Indonesia during the prototype period. With the entry into force of the joint production contract of KAPLAN MT, which was signed at the 2019 IDEF fair, mass production works were started at the FNSS facilities. Under the contract, 18 KAPLAN MT tanks will be produced, the first 10 tanks will be produced in Turkey and the remaining 8 tanks will be produced in Indonesia.

The KAPLAN MT Project is not only Turkey's first export contract in the Medium Weight Tank Class, but also the first project that was initiated and concluded within the framework of the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreements signed between Indonesia and Turkey. The final design for mass production was decided and production started with the design perfection studies carried out at the FNSS facilities with the participation of PT Pindad engineers and end users from the Indonesian Army. Vehicle acceptance and deliveries will be made in 2021.

Changes in design

A number of changes are noticeable in the FNSS KAPLAN MT tank in its serial production configuration. When the changes are examined, it can be evaluated that the armor in front of the hull may have been increased, unlike the prototypes introduced to the public before. In addition, changes are noticeable in the area where the driver's periscope is located.

Source: defenceturk

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