DAKSADER Installed Fire Extinguishing System in Hamam Bay

Daksader installed a fire suppression system against forest fires in hamam bay.
Daksader installed a fire suppression system against forest fires in hamam bay.

Dalaman Culture, Art and Nature Association (DAKSADER), which was established to protect the nature and marine life of Göcek Bay, which is one of the few blue cruise routes in the world, has been responsible for a possible forest fire in the region after the recent forest fires in Adaia Göcek in Hamam Bay. installed a fire suppression system.

It takes the water from the sea, 6 people can benefit from the system at the same time

In the system installed by DAKSADER on two piers of Adaia Göcek, there are two pumps, each with two kilometers of pipes, resistant to sea water and capable of carrying water to a height of 200 meters. Thus, until the cooling processes are completed, the water is drawn from the sea and an unlimited source is used. The hoses are made of very light polyethylene material so that they can be easily carried by one or two people or added very quickly.

Each pump has collectors and 6 outlets to take water from the sea. Thus, 6 people can use pressurized water at the same time. In a possible case, the fire area can be reached by adding 100 meters to each hose. Thus, a possible fire in a 10-decare land can be extinguished with a team of 70 people.

Assistance to the Necessary Region Thanks to the Mobile System

With the system, DAKSADER has installed 12 fire extinguishing systems in Hamam Bay, which takes water from the sea. In this way, it has been able to intervene in a possible forest fire until help reaches the region. With this system, which can also be placed on the boat, DAKSADER will be able to respond to any possible fire on the shore they can reach in the future.

DAKSADER aims to activate the wells drilled in Adaia Göcek and mix with 7 percent sea water, and establish a system with fire hydrants that will protect the entire bay of the province.

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