Daimler Truck and Shell Collaborate on Fuel Cell Trucks

daimler truck and shell cooperate on fuel cell trucks
daimler truck and shell cooperate on fuel cell trucks

Together, Daimler Truck AG and Shell New Energies NL BV (“Shell”) are preparing to promote hydrogen-based fuel cell trucks in Europe. The companies signed an agreement focusing on this goal. The partners plan to build hydrogen tank infrastructure and make fuel cell trucks available to customers. The partnership aims to decarbonize road freight transport.

Shell plans to initially establish a hydrogen filling station network for green hydrogen between three production sites in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as well as in Cologne and Hamburg. Shell aims to operate refueling stations for heavy trucks between three locations by 2024. Daimler Truck AG plans to deliver its first heavy-duty hydrogen trucks to its customers in 2025. The partners' plan envisions continued expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure in this corridor. Thus, 150 hydrogen filling stations are planned and approximately 5.000 heavy-class fuel cell trucks belonging to the Mercedes-Benz brand are planned to be operational by 2030. As early as 2025, the total length of the corridor is projected to be 1.200 kilometers.

As part of the partnership, Shell and Daimler Truck AG want to develop a hydrogen infrastructure that meets customer needs. The agreement also includes the goal of establishing a refueling standard for hydrogen. The agreement aims to define the interface and interaction between the truck and the refueling station. This; aims to provide customer-friendly, low-cost, reliable and safe hydrogen refueling. It is also envisaged that other potential partners will be included in this joint venture.

Martin Daum, Chairman of the Executive Board of Daimler Truck AG and Member of the Executive Board of Daimler AG; “Shell and Daimler Truck believe that hydrogen-based fuel cell trucks are an important element of the future CO2-neutral transport. With our unique collaboration as two key industry representatives, we reveal the answer to what must come first: infrastructure or tools. Both need to develop hand in hand. In this respect, we are both very happy with this important step we have taken together.” said.

Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell plc (Parent of Shell New Energies NL BV); “We want to continue to accelerate the process so that hydrogen trucks are an economical alternative to diesel trucks. So we can help our customers reduce their emissions. Together with Daimler Truck, we aim to promote appropriate regulation to help fuel cell trucks become popular. We invite other manufacturers and partners in the industry to join us.” said.

H2Accelerate consortium

Daimler Truck and Shell are founding members of the recently launched H2Accelerate consortium. The consortium represents a central platform to promote the introduction of hydrogen-based transport in Europe. Daimler Truck and Shell want to stay in the background and implement projects together through H10Accelerate over the next 2 years.

The agreement with Shell forms part of Daimler Truck AG's plans to launch fuel cell trucks and also includes the expansion of Shell's existing hydrogen filling station networks in Europe and North America.

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