Sultans of the Net Done 3 out of 3 at the European Volleyball Championship

the sultans of the net did it in the european championship
the sultans of the net did it in the european championship

The Sultans of the Net faced Sweden in their third match of the 2021 CEV European Championship. Our National Women's Volleyball Team, which defeated Romania and Ukraine, managed to make it 3 out of 3 in its group by beating Sweden 0-3.

In the organization, which was held for the 32nd time this year, the crescent-star team in Group D, hosted by Romania, beat Romania 3-1 and Ukraine 3-0, making it 2 out of 2. Beating Sweden 3-0 in the European Championship, our National Women's Volleyball Team scored another victory after Romania and Ukraine and made it 3 out of 3 in its group.

Our crescent-star volleyball players set the sets of the match 31-29, 25-21 and 25-11. kazanwas.

"Sultans of the Net" will face Finland in their 4th match today at 20.30.

24 teams in the tournament; Serbia competes in 4 groups hosted by Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria. At the end of the group competitions, the 4 teams in the top 16 will advance to the 8 finals.

Teams that dominate their opponents in the 8 finals, where teams will face crossmatch method, will have their names written in the quarter-finals. In the organization, 8 finals and quarter-finals will be played in Bulgaria and Serbia. Serbia will host the semi-finals and finals.

The group matches of the championship will be completed on August 26, and the finals of 8 will be played on August 28-30. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played between 31 August and 3 September, while championship and third place matches will be played on 4 September.

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