Countdown Has Started to Robowars Robotics Competition to be Held in Istanbul

Countdown has begun to robowars robotics competition to be held in istanbul
Countdown has begun to robowars robotics competition to be held in istanbul

The countdown has begun for the robotics competition, where the mobile application-controlled robot competition format will be implemented for the first time in Turkey. Organized by the mobile software community, the competition, whose pre-applications were opened on May 1, will be held on September 18, in Istanbul, hosted by Kolektif House Levent. A prize of 10.000 TL will be awarded in the competition, which aims to enable young people to learn robotics and mobile application integrations as well as have fun. The competition where necessary measures will be taken within the scope of Covid-19, YouTubeIt will also be broadcast live.

The preparation process continues until September 1

Contestants will be able to continue their robot and mobile application preparations for about a month, after the pre-application, until September 1st. In the competition, coding of both the robot to fight and the mobile application that will control the robot will be required. Bluetooth or wifi technology can be used for robot – mobile application integration. In the competition where there is no age limit for participation, teams can consist of at least 1 and at most two people.

All control of the robots will be in the hands of the competitors

According to the information received from the institution, the robot that takes the other robot out of the competition arena will advance to the next round in the event in the Sumo robot war category. The feature that distinguishes from similar events is that the robots that will take place in the arena are controlled by applications written by the participants themselves. This criterion, which requires talent in both software and hardware, will allow the competitors who will send commands to their robot with instant strategy changes, and will add excitement to the competition while allowing them to display their skills to the end.

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