2021 Hair Trends and Tips for Women

hair trends and tips for women
hair trends and tips for women

Can Gökboru made important recommendations about trending hairstyles in women's hair during the pandemic process and gave many tips.

Hairdresser Can Gökboru, also known as the hairdresser of celebrities, gave important advice on trending hairstyles in women's hair during the pandemic process and gave many tips. Stating that women have changed their hair after the pandemic period, Can Gökboru pointed out that hair models, which are easier to do, have been a trend recently, especially drawing attention to the days when hairdressers were banned.

Can Gökboru said, “After the pandemic process and with the effect of this epidemic, the ban that came to every sector also came to hairdressers. As such, women who could not go to the hairdresser turned to simpler and easier hairstyles. In addition to hair that is easily shaped and easy to use, there has been a great increase in the return to natural hair colors. I think this change will continue in 2022” and stated that women changed their hair preferences in the easiest and most practical way during the pandemic period.

Gökboru, who also gives many advices about hair colors, said, “Hair colors are bronze brown, ice blonde and baby blonde. Bronde, which is a tone between blonde and brown, is a very preferred color among stylish women” and gave information about hair colors.

Can Gökboru, who also advises Turkish women about hair tones, said, “In Turkey, brown tones should be used the most. Each breed has a unique color pigment. The color pigment in our race is mostly red. Therefore, brown tones for Turkish women, and balayage on coffee tones are something that can be more. Those whose pigment is green should use yellow tones. When those with red pigment go to yellow tones, the hair both wears out and becomes an artificial yellow. Therefore, the color that should be used the least in us is yellow. Despite this, our women prefer the color yellow the most” and he made recommendations to use brown in the hair color of Turkish women.

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