Shining Stars of the Health Sector, Erdal Can Alkoçlar

Erdal Can Alkoclar
Erdal Can Alkoclar

Erdal Can Alkoçlar is one of the stars of Turkey in this field, which has achieved remarkable successes in the field of medicine. Alkoçlar, which has become one of the prominent names in the pharmaceutical industry with the patents it has registered with its name, especially in our country and worldwide, makes a name for itself not only as a scientist but also as an investor. Alkoçlar provides large amounts of investment and development support to pharmaceutical companies operating in different countries of the world. He signs partnership and development agreements with institutions and companies such as Spektral Holding, HC Pharma, Kaiser Pharma, and Northern Cyprus Chamber of Commerce R&D. Alkoçlar, who made a name for himself with the methods he developed in the field of medicine, is also the founding chairman of Mas İlaç Investment R&D Company. Alkoçlar draws the attention of the authorities by being the rightful owner of large amounts of pharmaceutical ingredient patents and being the first entrepreneur to apply in this field. He has explored the attempts he has made since 2010 and the molecules he has found on the basic purposes of humanity in general. It attracts attention by constantly expanding its studies especially in the field of cancer. He has been awarded Turkey Scientist of the Year many times in Turkey with his works. It has been rewarded for the drugs and methods it has developed with many awards not only in our country but also in the international arena. Continuing to achieve successful works with his partner Metehan Yeşil, Alkoçlar continues to work under the management of his own company. It offers different methods to the medical world of our country and the world by making agreements for the drugs that are frequently needed in our country. For example, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Italy, Turkmenistan and Hungary make agreements with states that are close to us.

Alkoçlar are also known for their work in different fields. For example, he works on muscles. He was considering using the formations, which are expected to be applied through the skin, to speed up the treatment and to treat sexual dysfunction. MYOSTIL, a myotropic formulation with different properties that is thought to increase muscle strength, and which is frequently used in the Middle East, was found as a result and Lipolysis, Trenbelone in volume. kazanBodybuilders and athletes have tried its mixable effect with Proviron. With the acute oral dosing protocol, which later led to its ban in tournaments and competitions, many Turkish bodybuilders have experienced a strength increase of up to 50% and have clearly demonstrated that it works. Alkoçlar, who is in a struggle against various legal cases brought against him, reveals unfair competition by different people against the patents he makes. It is worth noting that some of the patents they have made have gone through a few legal processes regarding easy production methods. He is the only inventor of the easy methods of obtaining the components that he knows will inhibit Core GLC NAC 3, which he thinks will be effective related to hexacoumaroil-protobiocid. He is also the owner of patents for 67 anti-carcinogenic formulations, 101 anti-viral formulations and 25 metabolic regulators.

Alkoçlar is also known for the monomers it has made and discovered. As examples of these monomers, he is the owner of nearly 2000 applications for pseudoalkaloid, protoalkaloid, furostanol saponin, furostanol glycoside, and antiviral steroidal lactone, and by discovering them, he made his name known to the World of Science again. Another thing Alkoçlar does is the inventor of a silicon welded coating called "HYA4312", which is fire resistant and has strong radio wave emitter properties. The scientist, who also continues to work on the Corona Virus case that emerged in 2020, gives his thoughts on viruses in interviews. In this regard, he presented his information about his "supportive treatment formulation for Covid-19". In the previous Research and Development team, Alkoçlar has found analogues that can be used in the treatment of a wide variety of cancers such as brain-related neurogenesis and myogenesis, ranging from more than 150 methylprotodiosine derivatives to adjuvant cancer therapies, and he has done a good job by patenting this.

Erdal Can Alkoçlar meticulously carries out R&D studies at Mas İlaç Investment company. Alkoçlar, which has more than 700 employees, wants all of them to be qualified and successful people. It has become a duty for him to leave his inventions to more humanity and to work for their benefit. In particular, it produces drugs against diseases that humanity has to overcome through difficult processes. As an example, he has been working since 2010. After making certain productivity about these works, he prepares and shares compositions. He also works with important universities such as Oxford and Harvard. He has a total of 280 patents, 140 of which have been applied, while more than 425 are in the process of examination. These patents are protected under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Developed together with his partner Yeşil and his last approved patent, 2-hdyroxyethyl, with its newly given name Noricaritin, has been approved by Chemical Abstract Services and taken over. Today, it continues to develop what it does and to expand its field.

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