Dog Products With Dog Ergonomic Designs

Dog pool products are created with a privileged product range that offers comfort in the garden of your home or on vacation. Floating thermometers with animal figures, which are often preferred to measure the temperature of the pool, can also be used as toys. [more…]

wartsilanin lng orders ferry to its chief in turkey
358 Finland

Wärtsilä's LNG Ferry Order in Turkey

Finland's renowned maritime technology company Wärtsilä will build the main and auxiliary engines as well as the fuel storage and supply system for a new LNG fueled Italian ferry in Turkey. Under construction at Turkey's Sefine shipyard [more…]

Memorizations will be broken in insurance

Memorizations will be broken in insurance

Autonomous and electric vehicles make it mandatory to renew the scope of vehicle insurance with a volume of 200 billion dollars. Driverless, which gained momentum after the integration of IOT, artificial intelligence and navigation technologies with the automotive industry [more…]

Kia bongo

Things to Consider While Buying a Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicles have become very popular with technological innovations and hardware features in the automotive industry. Unlike passenger cars, these vehicles, which were developed for the purpose of transporting the commercial loads of the users, are suitable for both business and family. [more…]

do not support sibling rivalry

Do Not Promote Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is considered a healthy sign that children are able to express their needs or wants. However, if one of the children who creates the competitive environment feels excluded, it is important for families to take precautions. DBE Behavior [more…]