ceis structure design competition also found the winners

ÇEİS Building Design Competition Awarded in 2021

The second term of the Building Design Competition, organized by the Cement Industry Employers' Union (ÇEİS), one of the umbrella organizations of the sector, in order to increase the aesthetic and innovative use of cement, has ended. This year, “Innovative Approaches in the Urban Area” [more…]

foods good for osteoporosis

Foods Good for Bone Resorption

Specialist Dietitian Şebnem Kandıralı Yıldırım gave information on the subject. Bone resorption (osteoporosis) means perforated, porous bone. The skeletal system has a fragile structure and bone fractures occur. osteoporosis [more…]

Work continues on the aliaga toki project
35 Izmir

Work Continues in Aliağa TOKİ Project

While the works on the 614-house project started in Aliağa Yeni Mahalle by the Mass Housing Administration of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (TOKİ), two blocks were completed in the project. Work continues in the 3rd block. [more…]

The world's best airline company announced
974 Qatar

World's Top 20 Airlines Announced

AirlineRatings.com has announced the top 2021 airlines of 20. Qatar Airways ranked first, Air New Zealand was second and Singapore Airlines was third. The aviation sector, which is under the influence of the epidemic period, will make 2020 great [more…]

river tram arrives in moscow
7 Russia

River Tram Coming to Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin introduced a new generation of river vehicles called “river tram”. The electric river trams, which will operate on the Moscow River throughout the year, have a capacity of 42 passengers. Per [more…]