6 Ways to Get Rid of Holiday Weight!

way to get rid of holiday kilos
way to get rid of holiday kilos

Most of the time, the weight gained while relaxing and stressing during the summer holidays is not considered important, but the seriousness of the matter is understood when the unwanted figures are encountered on the scale after the holiday. It is important to switch to a balanced diet without wasting time so that the weight gained does not turn into permanent fat. From the Nutrition and Diet Department of Memorial Ataşehir Hospital, Uz. dit. Dilara İsmailoğlu gave information about the measures to be taken to get rid of the weight gained during the holiday.

Don't miss the end of the rope on vacation

It is necessary to take precautions in the early period so that the weight gained during the holiday does not turn into permanent fat. Instead of saying "How did I gain weight", nutrition should be regulated and vegetables, fruits and legumes should be added to the menus. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is important while maintaining weight control. However, the portions should not be exaggerated by saying that these foods do not cause weight gain. It is recommended to consume at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits per day for each individual. The amount of fruit in these portions is 2 portions per day for an adult woman and 3 portions per day for an adult male individual.

Get in shape with rye and einkorn

Another way to get rid of the weight gained during the holiday is to turn to grain sources. Whole grains such as buckwheat, rye, einkorn and pulses should be preferred as grain sources. If you are fed with high protein during the holiday period, getting your protein needs from vegetable protein sources during the recovery period will be very beneficial for both cardiovascular health and stomach and intestines.

Don't be dehydrated

Diversity in nutrition is of particular importance. Vitamin and mineral supplements will help with weight loss. For this reason, vegetables and fruits, which are important sources of vitamins and minerals, have an important place in nutrition in this period. In addition to nutrition, water consumption is also very important during this period. Kilogram x 30 ml. With this formula, the amount of water you need to consume daily can be calculated. Consumption of 1 mineral water or mineral water per day will also help in terms of mineral support. However, it is recommended that blood pressure patients should be consumed with caution.

Do not use the detox for a long time

The purpose of losing weight is not to be hungry, but to eat properly. Being hungry is not always the solution. The important thing is to ensure a healthy weight control by providing diversity in nutrition. Detox applications aim to get rid of swelling in a healthy way by purifying the body. Doing it at the right time gives healthy results. But long-term detoxes can do more harm than good.

Speed ​​up your metabolism with chili pepper and black cumin

Consuming 2 cups of green tea a day in addition to regular water consumption every day can give positive results. However, blood pressure patients should be careful while consuming green tea. In addition, you can add metabolism-boosting spices such as chili pepper and black cumin to yogurt or cacık. Regular exercise should not be neglected either.

Follow personalized diets

It is important to get help from an expert dietitian while losing weight. Different diets can be applied according to the person's chronic diseases, pregnancy or breastfeeding status. Not every diet list is right for everyone. The weight of the person varies according to the height and fat-muscle ratio.



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