Where should Bursaray's Emek City Hospital Metro Construction Start?

bursarayin labor city hospital metro construction where to start
bursarayin labor city hospital metro construction where to start

our ear Ankara'also… With the annulment of the court, the reconsideration on 5 May Extension of Bursaray from Emek to the City Hospital of the tender its fate we are curious.


We were able to announce the result of the tender on May 5 in these columns on May 9, but Ankara is more secretive Is it approved for acting, is there an objection, way of jurisdiction We do not know if it was opened.

We know…

After the tender on 27 October, the foundation stone was laid on 2 April. City Hospital Metro project, 5 days after the foundation stone was laid Supreme Court canceled by decision. tender on May 5 Taşyapı-Söğüt Construction While re-winning the partnership, the completion of work, which was 27 months on October 42, decreased to 700 days, the tender price increased from 1 billion 607 million 824 thousand liras to 1 billion 950 million 628 thousand 508 liras.


While waiting for news about this tender, new discussion started:

“If the tender is finalized, where will the construction begin?”

This is what is mentioned:

“While the foundation was laid on April 2, it was planned that the tunnel constructions would start from Bursaray's last station, Emek, on Mudanya Road. Build  Since the work would affect the road, the route was prepared from the back streets. With the initiative of Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Geçit Ahmet Yesevi Station was moved 500 meters forward, and it was aimed to provide access to Mudanya Road without blocking the main road.”

Here's what they stand for:

“Mudanya Road traffic is already heavy. It gets more intense in the summer. If construction had started when the foundation was laid, it would come to a stage in the pandemic process, and drivers would get used to the new order by the summer.”

They think like this

“Construction could not start at the scheduled time, Mudanya Road traffic increased with the summer period. It would be a big problem to start from the same point now.”

Suggestions are:

“Metro construction should start from the City Hospital, not the Mudanya Road. After the summer intensity has passed, work can also be done from the Emek-Geçit.”

We got it right. It proposal more reasonable solution.

Shall we hope? Looking for contractor

Willow-Taşyapı partnership, Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu 'Before the groundbreaking on April 2, in which Start 'He set up a construction site and brought the construction equipment.

In the renewed tender on May 5, best offer feather Willow-Building partnership City Hospital Metro to work in construction technical personnel started searching.

Contractor's search for personnel work will begin interpreted as and umut created.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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