konya metropolitan police serve with electric scooter
42 Konya

Konya Metropolitan Police Serves With Electric Scooter

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Police Department has implemented the electric scooter application, which is environmentally friendly and not affected by traffic, in order to provide faster service to the citizens. Standing out with its innovative applications developed for the needs of the society, Konya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Robot technologies that will shape the world of the future
49 Germany

Robot Technologies to Shape the Future World

Technology pioneer Schunk drew attention to current developments in robotic technologies at Connection Days Talks. Schunk, the world leader in its sector, will be held on June 22 by Connection Days, the digital event platform of Hannover Fairs Turkey. [more…]

germany izmir promotion offices opened
35 Izmir

Germany İzmir Promotion Offices Opened

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who continues to take concrete steps with the vision of making Izmir a world city. Tunç Soyer, Germany Izmir Promotion Offices established in the German capital city of Berlin, Bremen, Bielefeld, Frankfurt and Hamm. [more…]