Rules to be followed while playing sports

Rules to be Considered While Doing Sports

With the digitalization brought by the modern age, we have become able to handle many of our jobs with one click from where we sit. A sedentary life has many negative effects on the human body. To get rid of these effects and to make our body the most [more…]

summer berries

Unknown Benefits of Summer Fruits

Specialist Dietitian Tamar Demirçi gave important information on the subject. With the arrival of summer, colorful fruits began to take their place on the counters. Of course, the fruit of every season is beautiful, but summer fruits have a special place. Vitamin [more…]

bursa old railway line became a cycling route
16 Bursa

Former Bursa Mudanya Railway Line Becomes a Cycling Route

Today it remains in memories… The first train service on the Bursa-Mudanya Railway line, the construction of which started in 1875, was made in 1892. It was disabled in 1948 on the grounds that it did not provide economic return and the rails were also dismantled. Whereas… Mudanya with Merinos, Acemler, Geçit, Yörükali, Mudanya stations [more…]

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take?

How Long Does Hair Transplant Take?

Although there is no definite answer to the question of how long hair transplantation will take, it can be estimated more or less. Hair loss will affect the number of roots that the person will plant, the duration of the operation, and this period will perform the operation. [more…]

the channel went to the first kopru ronesans holding in istanbul
34 Istanbul

First Bridge in Kanal Istanbul Rönesans Went to Holding

Canal Istanbul Bridge, the foundation of which is said to be laid at the end of June Rönesans It was stated that the holding will build it. Rönesans The state was the guarantor for the holding's loan transactions. SözcüAccording to the news; Within the scope of Başakşehir-Bahçeşehir-Nakkaş Section-08, it provides the passage to Sazlıdere. [more…]

Kumlubel tram line opened in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Kumlubel Tram Line Opened in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to open new tram lines to facilitate the transportation of citizens to all four points of the city. Kumlubel line connecting Fatih, Zafer, Tunali, Ömerağa Neighborhoods to the city center and City Hospital [more…]