The Era of No-Product Internet Surrounds the Capital

The free internet era surrounds all four sides of the capital.
The free internet era surrounds all four sides of the capital.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, "We believe that the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right," and announced that free internet service will be provided in 35 squares in the first place. The wi-fi network, which has become widespread day by day, was finally activated in Batıkent Murat Karayalçın Square and Etimesgut Train Station. Thus, the number of squares with free internet service increased to 30 in a short time.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry the free wi-fi service to the city squares.

The works planned for 35 squares of the city are progressing rapidly in the first phase of the project, which was implemented by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş saying, “We believe the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right.” Finally, Batıkent Murat Karayalçın Square and Etimesgut Train Station area were also included in the wi-fi network.


With the addition of Batıkent Murat Karayalçın Square and Etimesgut Train Station area, the number of squares where free wi-fi service is provided in the Capital increased to 30 in a short time.

With the studies carried out by the IT Department, the project, which plans to provide free internet to a total area of ​​10 million square meters in different points of Ankara, is becoming more widespread day by day, while the data regarding the activation of the wi-fi application is shared on the address “”. .

The free 1st Stage wi-fi points (FAZ1) commissioned within the scope of the service that brings citizens together with fast, secure and free internet are as follows:

  • 1- 512. Street İvedik
  • 2- Adnan Yuksel Street
  • 3- Akyurt Cumhuriyet Square
  • 4- Batıkent Square (In front of GİMSA)
  • 5- Elmadağ City Square
  • 6- Haymana Town Square
  • 7- Kalecik Town Square
  • 8- Polatlı Town Square
  • 9- Martyr Salim Akgul
  • 10- Ayas Town Square
  • 11- Bala Town Square
  • 12- Beypazarı Atatürk Park
  • 13- Çamlıdere Ali Semerkandi Tomb
  • 14- Güdül City Square
  • 15- Herokazan City Square
  • 16- Kizilcahamam (Soguksu Departure)
  • 17- Nallıhan City Square
  • 18- Sereflikoçhisar Ankara Street
  • 19- Universe Town Square
  • 20- Ulus Square
  • 21- Medical
  • 22- In front of Keçiören Municipality
  • 23- Victory Bazaar
  • 24- Çubuk Town Square
  • 25- Ankara Castle
  • 26- Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque
  • 27- Bahçelievler Adnan Ötüken Park
  • 28- July 15 Red Crescent National Will Square
  • 29- Batıkent Murat Karayalçın Square
  • 30- Etimesgut Train Station


People from 7 to 70, who benefit from the free internet service that has become widespread throughout the city, expressed their satisfaction with the launch of this service in Etimesgut and Batıkent with the following words:

-Ilayda Sarikaya: “Thank you very much to our President for the internet connection. I started using it, we use it when we don't have internet.”

-Mehmet Üstüner: “It is a very good application. I am connected from my phone, I will continue to use it.”

-Irem Aktepe: “This is a very active place as it is the widely used central point of Etimesgut. My house is on this side and the internet connection we use at home is not very good. I think that providing such an opportunity is a very good innovation for all of us. I usually live around here with my friends, and when I don't have internet, I want them to share their internet. It is very nice that such a situation will no longer be necessary.”

-Ayberk Kirik: “We thank our president. When our internet runs out, we will be able to use the free internet service provided by the Metropolitan Municipality.”

-Ramadan Tumer: “Thanks to our president, he thought very well. The internet is everything at this time.”

-Elif Doga: “I think it is a very good service for young people and I support it.”

-Gamze Akyüz: “There are too many young people at this point in Batıkent. Internet connection service is a supportable idea and I would definitely use it.”

-Elvin Koca: “We are all students. Very nice idea, we don't always have internet. Our package may run out.”


Internet access will be provided in 5 squares within the scope of free wi-fi application to the central and district squares in a short time.

Güvenpark, Beşevler Universities District, Gökkuşağı Road, Sincan Tulip Square and Çayırhan Town Square, which are within the scope of PHASE 1 studies, will be opened to internet access in a short time.

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