Breast Augmentation Operations

Gogus Enlargement Operations
Gogus Enlargement Operations

Today, breast augmentation operations are one of the most preferred aesthetic operations of women. This operation, which is frequently performed in our country, gives very successful results. The purpose of this operation is to augment breasts that are small in nature, underdeveloped or have shrunk after birth.

Breast Augmentation In operations, natural materials made of silicone, called prostheses or implants, are placed under the breast tissue and the breasts are augmented. As a result of recent medical developments, breast augmentation operations can be performed with fat transfers taken from the patients' own body.

About breast aesthetics

Breasts are the most important organs in terms of female figure and female body perception. Breasts are the most important body part that makes a woman a woman, both spiritually and physically. Small and problematic breasts can always disturb a woman's subconscious. Because of the psychological problems experienced by women with small breasts, a serious self-esteem problem can arise, and these women can even make wearing a dress a problem and become unhappy.

Breast aesthetics operations are the most effective solution for all breast syndromes experienced by women. Breast reduction and breast reduction for large or sagging breasts breast lift Breast augmentation operations for women who have small breasts with their operations are determined by the physician according to the need.

For the most successful operations in the field of breast aesthetics, Assoc. Dr. You can contact Sevgi Kurt.

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