Public Transport Sector Will Discuss The Future Of Transport After Pandemic!

public transport sector will discuss the future of transportation after the covid pandemic
public transport sector will discuss the future of transportation after the covid pandemic

UITP (International Association of Public Transporters) organizes the Turkey Conference with a different theme each year, and will be held digitally with three different sessions on 26-28 May 2021 due to the measures taken against the epidemic.

The digital conference, which will be held by covering all public transport stakeholders across the industry, will bring together public transport administrations, businesses, policy makers, science institutes and industry organizations, as well as service providers.
In the first part of the conference, which will start at 26:2021 on Wednesday, May 14, 00, we will examine in detail how we can use public transportation services more effectively with the theme of "Optimization for efficient public transport services". This chapter will also include a section on how optimizing the "New Normal" public transport services after the COVID 19 Pandemic can reduce the costs of public transport operators and increase the number of passengers using public transport.
In the second part of the conference, the subject of "Clean and energy efficient vehicles in sustainable urban transport", which has been closely followed by the industry in recent years, will be discussed. Presentations on how to make public transportation vehicles more environmentally friendly and healthier, thus transforming the industry into a better future, will be presented on May 27.

In addition, in the last part of the conference, where the subject of "the future of urban transportation after the Covid-28 Pandemic" will be discussed on May 19, senior executives of Turkey's largest public transportation companies came together to discuss the challenges, best practices and will discuss the solutions.

The conference, which will be the heart of the public transportation sector in Turkey for 3 days, will be organized under the main sponsorship of Optibus, which operates as an optimization software platform for public transportation used in 450 cities around the world to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve transportation quality.

Conference program:

May 26, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:30
"Optimization for Efficient Public Transport Services"
Some of the speakers:
- Yusuf LİMON, Head of Transportation Planning Department, İETT
- Ejder ORMANCI, Turkey Strategy Consultant, OPTIBUS
- Dr. Fatih GÜNDOĞAN, General Manager, Asis Elektronik & Information Systems
- Yasin BAŞAR, Director of Turkey, UITP
May 27, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:30
"Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles in Sustainable Urban Transport"
Some of the speakers:
- Dr. Ramazan Özcan YILDIRIM, Deputy Secretary General, Union of Municipalities of Turkey
- Dr. Göktuğ KARA, Sector Manager, Transport Policy and Climate Change, European Commission
- Yiğit Belin, Group Project Manager, Bozankaya
- Efe USANMAZ, Manager, Information and Innovation Department, UITP
May 28, 2021 - 14:00 - 15:30
"The Future of Urban Transport After Pandemic"
Some of the speakers:
- Mehmet Kürşat ÇAPAR, General Manager, BURULAŞ
- Erhan BEY, General Manager, ESHOT
- Özgür SOY, General Manager, Metro Istanbul
- Feyzullah GÜNDOĞDU, General Manager, Kayseri Transportation
- Sönmez ALEV, General Manager, İzmir Metro
- Kaan YILDIZGÖZ, Senior Director - Membership, Marketing and Services, UITP
Expert speakers meet at the UITP digital conference to share their experiences and opinions. Digital The conference will bring together public transport sector officials to discuss the challenges, best practices and solutions that will shape the future of urban transport.

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