Efforts to Relieve Vehicle Traffic at Tuzcular Crossroads Come to an End

The works to relieve the vehicle traffic at the Tuzcular Crossroad have come to an end.
The works to relieve the vehicle traffic at the Tuzcular Crossroad have come to an end.

Çorum Municipality has come to an end in the work of the project that will ease the vehicle traffic at Tuzcular intersection. Work at the Tuzcular Junction, which is one of the intersections with the busiest traffic, continued during the holidays.

The project work, which is planned to relieve the urban vehicle traffic by at least 30 percent, started with a full closure of 17 days and continued without slowing down during the holidays. After the excavation and filling works at the intersection, asphalt works and the installation of the signaling poles, the upcoming works came to an end with the drawing of the pedestrian and traffic signs.

Mayor Dr. Halil İbrahim Aşgın stated that with the completion of the Tuzcular Crossroads, Gazi and İnönü Streets will also be relieved. President Aşgın, emphasizing that the signaling poles will be completed and put into operation today, said, “We are ending our work quickly thanks to our colleagues who love to do their job day and night, regardless of feast. By evaluating the 17-day closure process, we continued our efforts at full speed so that our fellow townspeople do not become victims. Today, we will activate our signaling poles, complete the traffic markings and open the intersection to use. In order to make our city the most beautiful, we will continue our work by moving forward, as we have done in the last 2 years. Our aim is to create a better and more livable Çorum. " He spoke in the form.

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