Esas Sosyal First Opportunity Program Applications Started

main social first opportunity program applications started
main social first opportunity program applications started

The First Opportunity Program of Esas Sosyal, which offers new graduates from less-known state universities equal opportunities in their transition from school to work, will offer 50 more young people the first job opportunity in non-governmental organizations in its sixth year.

Esas Sosyal, the social investment unit of Esas Holding, combined the responsible citizenship value of Esas Holding with the vision of Şevket Sabancı and his family to invest in society. Esas Sosyal, which is an example of the current social impact investment understanding in Turkey; It aims to produce common solutions for social problems. Esas Sosyal, which develops its First Opportunity and My English Opportunity programs by focusing on joint studies and research in the field of youth and employment, has over 2000 people including corporate and in-kind supporters, participants, mentors, alumni, NGO managers, HR professionals and trainers. has developed an ecosystem.

Believing that investment in young people is an investment in both today and the future, applications for the First Chance Program, which was launched in 2016 to support the transition from school to work for young graduates from lesser-known public universities, started for the 2021 period.

First Opportunity Program, especially for young people who have recently graduated from lesser known state universities, is an opportunity for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the private sector such as corporate communication, finance and accounting, human resources, administrative affairs, purchasing, information technologies, resource development and business development. offers work experience in the units. Within the scope of the program, they will have their first work experience by working full-time and salaried for 12 months in non-governmental organizations. kazanSalaries of the program participants are covered by corporate supporters who share the vision of the First Chance Program with Esas Holding. In addition, participants receive more than 250 hours of training and development support within the scope of the First Opportunity Academy. In addition to Office Programs and English education, they also receive support from the managers of important institutions to improve their mentoring and interview skills, while participating in many trainings that the World Economic Forum calls 21st century skills. Work experience in NGOs kazanthese young people, in addition to rehearsal interviews, interviews, etc. It completes the program by making use of the vast knowledge of experts in the field and being ready for the future and the business world.

The First Opportunity Program, with 95 young people who graduated from the program and 55 participants who continue the program, has worked experience in Turkey's leading non-governmental organizations so far. kazanprovided the goods. While the rate of First Opportunity participants to receive a job offer before the end of the program was 82%, the rate of employment within 3 months after the end of the program was 93%, and the employment rate at the end of 6 months was 100%.

Emine Sabancı Kamışlı, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Esas Holding, said, “The First Opportunity Program that we have implemented with the vision of Şevket Sabancı as Esas Sosyal has been continuing successfully for 5 years. 150 young people we have held by our hand so far are getting better equipped and climbing the steps leading to success one by one. The light we see in the eyes of young people enables us to look into the future with hope. As the First Opportunity Program enters its 6th year, we are constantly working to provide more benefits to young people. For this purpose, we added the English Opportunity Program to our programs in 2021 with the support of Hayirli Sabanci. I think that our new program, which aims to increase English proficiency, which is one of the important obstacles in the field of youth and employment, is very important for the dreams of young people. I believe that the investment made in young people is an investment in the future and I wish the new period of First Deal to be beneficial ”.

2021 applications will take place between 3 May - 4 June!

Within the scope of the program, 2021 young people will be supported in 50. Young applications for the program will be received between 3 May and 4 June. Between 21 June and 13 August, professional interviews specially designed for new graduates and evaluating the potential of young people will be held online. Candidates accepted to the program will be announced in the third week of August. Young people included in the program will work full-time and on a salary basis for 3 months in designated NGOs, and will also participate in the training of the First Opportunity Academy.

Candidates who will apply for the First Opportunity Program

Graduation from a state university in June 2020 and after, a diploma score of at least 4 / 2,5 according to the 100-point system, and a minimum score of 65 in the XNUMX-point system. Students who took part in their organizations or club activities or received scholarships will be considered as a priority.

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