Construction Machinery Sector Increased Its Turnover 71 Percent In The First Quarter

The construction machinery sector increased its turnover by percentage in the first quarter
The construction machinery sector increased its turnover by percentage in the first quarter

The 2021 Changsa International Construction Machinery Expo (CICEE) opened last week at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsa, the capital of Central China province Hunan. The fair was jointly organized by the China Machinery Industry Association, Hunan province Industrial and Information Technology Office, Hunan province Trade Office, International Trade Promotion Board and Changsa Municipality.

Taking place on the axis of the motto "Intelligent new construction machinery generation", the fair functions as an international exhibition platform for new technologies, new equipment and new formats for the global construction machinery industry.

This year, 300 Chinese and foreign companies, including 50 of the top 32 global construction machinery companies, were present on the 1450 square meter exhibition area. In addition, more than 20 guests attended the opening of the four-day fair, including ambassadors from 600 countries and international company representatives.

The Chinese construction machinery industry, which did not decline by resisting the negative effects of the epidemic that prevailed in 2020, also became one of the fastest revival of the world machinery industry. In the first quarter of this year, the country's construction machinery industry showed a good development dynamics, increasing its turnover by 71,85 percent compared to the same period a year ago, and its profit increased by 1,38 times. A number of innovation successes have been recorded while doing this. Indeed, Provincial Governor Mao Weiming pointed out that Hunan is a kind of "brand" industry, with the construction machinery industry developing for nearly seventy years.

Indeed, with up to 70 percent of Chinese construction machinery production and the highest income in the industry nationwide for 11 consecutive years, Hunan has become the center of China's construction machinery industry. Meanwhile, the state is actively participating in the infrastructure construction works of the countries participating in the New Silk Road Initiative. In this context, construction machinery manufactured in Hunan has spread to around 160 countries and regions of the world.

On the other hand, Sany Group and Zoomlion, one of Hunan's major construction machinery manufacturers, are trying to establish smart factories. They have already carried out the environmentally friendly, digital and smart production and sales process in their factories. In this context, the total business cycle is shortened and income and net profit are increased.

Hunan to introduce global construction machinery innovations from the said fair in China and bring them to the country; At the same time, it uses its turf production to export it to the world. Also, according to Mao, this fair contributes to the integrated development of the construction machinery industry.

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