How Can Your Online Presence Influence A Legal Matter You Are Going Through


The one thing that all of us have in common is that none of us ever want to have a brush with the law. We never want to be running from pillar to post, trying to find things that would work in our favor in court. However, there could be instances when a brush with the law is inevitable. And at times like that, it is important to pay attention to every detail in your life.

The internet era that we live in makes it almost impossible to have a personal life. All our information is available on the world wide web, which could work both in your favor and against you in a court of law. Yes, your online presence and reputation can have an impact on the way the jury perceives you and thereby influence the outcome of the case. Don't believe us? Read on to find out how your online presence and posts could impact your legal battle.

Your Posts Are Evidence

Everything that you say or post online could work as a piece of evidence in a court of law. This could have both positive and negative implications based on the case and how the posts you have made favor your cause. If you are hiring a civil lawyer to battle your case, one of the first things they ask you for is your social media handles. Going through them could help the lawyer understand if there is any information that could be used against you in the court.

Demonstrates Your Beliefs

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If you use your social media handles to express strong opinions on various issues, this will not go unnoticed by the jury. While it could work in your favor at times, in most cases, the It may be seen as a nuisance or your associations and opinions jury might develop a preconceived notion about you based on your online presence, and that could do more harm than good to your lawsuit.

You might be seen as a trouble maker or your associations and opinions could appear as red flags to the jurors. As social media is seen as a reflection of a person’s thoughts and beliefs, it could create an impression of your personality that is hard to shake off!

Breaking The Oath

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If you accidentally post details of a closed courtroom session or any information about the case on social media, it could be seen as a violation of the court's order. You would be under trial for breaking your oath and contempt of the court.

While it is understandable that you might not discuss the proceedings of the case in detail, few nations are very particular about even the slightest mention of its details. This applies not just to the disputing parties but to the jurors as well. So, to avoid such accidents, it is best to stay away from social media as much as possible.

If you are in a legal battle already, the first thought on your mind could be that you should delete all that you have posted on social media. However, think again. This could be seen as a disruption of the investigation process and tampering of the pieces of evidence. So, let your social media be as is and focus on the case. Remember, do not post anything offensive or anything in unacceptable or threatening language.

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