Kurt Was Seen In Izmir For The First Time After Many Years

Wolf was seen in Izmir for the first time after many years
Wolf was seen in Izmir for the first time after many years

A wolf was registered in İzmir as part of the studies carried out to identify the Ancient Production Basins of İzmir that are compatible with nature. Experts, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerEmphasizes the importance of this record, which was taken in studies carried out by Doğa Derneği and İzmir Development Agency, as an indicator of nature's health.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA wolf was recorded in the studies carried out by the Nature Association and Izmir Development Agency with the support of . With this recording, the wolves, whose natural population in Western Anatolia was thought to have been completely destroyed due to human-induced reasons, were seen for the first time in İzmir after many years. Experts underline that this important record is important in terms of demonstrating that the nature of the region continues to live in a healthy way.

Possible to eliminate human wolf conflict

Making a statement on the subject, Doğa Derneği Biodiversity Research Coordinator Şafak Arslan stated that it is promising to register a wolf in İzmir after many years and continued as follows: across. This species actually feeds on wild herbivores such as roe deer, deer and wild boar. After the almost complete extinction of wild herbivores in nature, wolves who have difficulty in finding food can attack herds of domestic animals, and the human wolf conflict comes to the fore at this point. In other words, wolves interact with humans more often when the balance in nature is disturbed. On the other hand, when wolves disappear or their numbers decrease, wild boars populations increase very rapidly. However, such problems are much less common in regions where wolves, one of the indicators of a healthy ecosystem, live. The wolf, recorded as a result of photo-trapping images in İzmir, provides us with very important data in terms of ecosystem health. It also gives clues about the resident wolf population in the area. After this process, the necessary work should be carried out to protect the existence of wolves in the region and to live without conflict with people. This wolf image in Izmir, which is a promising record in terms of the nature of Turkey, excited us all. "We will continue to work with the support of authorized institutions so that the wolves can continue to exist without conflict with the people in the region."

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality provides vehicle support and in-kind contributions to the works carried out by Doğa Derneği and İzmir Development Agency. All images obtained within the scope of the study are shared with the Nature Conservation and National Parks İzmir Branch Directorate.

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