İBB, Those Who Owned the Responsibility of the Horses Owned by a Free Transfer

The responsibility of the horses owned by the ibb free transfer
The responsibility of the horses owned by the ibb free transfer

The situation of the horses rushed to the phaeton in the Islands, which has been on the agenda of the public for years, was resolved with the engagement of the IMM. IMM purchased one thousand 179 horses and started the appropriation process with the decision of the Municipal Council so that they could live in a healthy environment. Most requests came from local governments for horses. A total of 605 horses were owned by various levels of local governments in 13 cities. The process was conducted on the basis of transparency. The horses, whose microchips were inserted and the health reports were obtained and the shipments were sent, were delivered to the relevant institutions with a protocol. As per the legislation, the obligation of IMM ended at this point. Monitoring of the horses passed under the responsibility of the organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The suffering of the horses in the Islands, which has been going on for years, came to an end with the intervention of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Minister Ekrem İmamoğlu The phaetons were abolished with the electric vehicle project initiated under his leadership. Relief was provided in the transportation of the district. 179 horses were purchased in the region in order to prevent the carriage drivers from becoming victims. After the completion of this process, a total of 860 horses were adopted by the decision of the IMM Assembly.


During this period, where the demands varied between 2 and 100, the greatest interest in horses came from local governments. Various municipalities from Kastamonu, Mersin, Niğde, Nevşehir, Ardahan, Kayseri, Aydın, Istanbul, Tokat, Yozgat, Sivas, Hatay, Adıyaman and Kütahya have adopted a total of 605 horses. Approximately 30 percent of these transactions were carried out by the AK Party, MHP and BBP municipalities. A total of 3 horses were given to 60 state universities in Istanbul, Elazig and Nevşehir.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kayseri and Ankara applied for a total of 42 horses. 148 horses were sent to individuals who applied from Istanbul, Yozgat, Kayseri and Erzincan. 5 horses were adopted by the mukhtars in Istanbul. 77 percent of the animals were sent to public institutions. 17 percent of the remaining was owned by individuals, 5 percent by NGOs and 1 percent by mukhtars.


The following statement was made by IMM about the processes and status of the adoption of horses, which have been on the public agenda for a while:

“As it is known, the purchase of 16 horses has been completed in line with the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council dated January 2020, 25 and numbered 179. With the registration of 20 foals born from pregnant horses purchased by us while they were under care, a total of 199 horses were under the responsibility of IMM. However; In line with the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council dated 12 March 2020 and numbered 403, the ownership process of the horses was completed and a total of 860 horses were adopted. 665 of the horses were owned by public institutions and organizations, 42 by non-governmental organizations, 148 by individuals and 5 by mukhtars. A total of 224 horses died due to various reasons during the maintenance of the horses in the Islands. 115 horses are cared for within the body of IMM.


Horses that have been transferred to public institutions and organizations free of charge are under the responsibility of the relevant public institutions and organizations. The disposal of owned horses remains with the relevant public institution. Communication is provided about horses that have been adopted by individuals and non-governmental organizations, and information about the status of the horses can be obtained. Tracking of owned horses is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in line with the relevant legislation. In commitment to the ownership of horses; There is a requirement that horses be cared for by the owners for a year, and they are owned by people who agree to take care of the horses for at least one year. 115 horses belonging to our institution on the island live in horse stables whose conditions have been improved to be used in various services of IMM such as the police on horseback. "

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