Model Traffic Police Application Launched in Sivas

Sivasta model traffic police application was initiated
Sivasta model traffic police application was initiated

In line with the "Priority is Life is Priority for Pedestrians" approach initiated by the Ministry of Interior in 2019, a model police study was initiated in Sivas in order to ensure that drivers focus on pedestrian crossings and give way to pedestrians.

Within the framework of the implementation, 10 model traffic police were installed at different points in the center of Sivas.

In this context, Governor Salih Ayhan and Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin assembled the model traffic police in front of Süleyman Çanka Bazaar in Sivas city center due to the '1-7 May Traffic Week'. A mask was also put on the mouth of the model police to raise awareness.

Governor Salih Ayhan and Mayor Hilmi Bilgin got on the traffic police team car and wandered on İstasyon Street for a while. At the end of the program, a brochure on "Pedestrian First" and "Seat Belt Use", a red whistle and a coloring book were also distributed.

We Are Here To Draw Our Red Lines For Pedestrian Priority

Speaking in the program, Governor Ayhan said, “Every year, the first week of May is highways traffic week. In this context, all our institutions are working very seriously on traffic safety, both our municipality, our highways and especially our safety. In these, in accordance with the static action plan, very good activities have been organized to raise awareness this year as in the previous year, and they continue to be held. We are currently in a period of restrictions, but despite this restriction, we still continue to provide training for these training plans from different media. I can say that a very good culture has been formed in our Sivas. It is not possible to prevent this with penalties and different methods. In other words, smooth traffic flow, ensuring pedestrian safety, having a consciousness and a culture can be more with an education and a culture. Good work is being done for this. Here, too, we are here to draw our red lines for pedestrian priority in terms of raising awareness and attracting attention to citizens. I thank my friends again. Our Sivas takes firm steps to be a safer city for pedestrians and our traffic safety. I thank our police for this good work. " said.

Governor Ayhan said, “We realized the model application for the first time in Turkey, to raise awareness in the city square of our city, which is almost the heart of our Sivas and the most beautiful square in Turkey. An awareness has been created, it will attract people's attention and I can also say that some traffic-related trainings will emerge in a moment when both our vehicle drivers and our pedestrian citizens see it. It was a good practice, we can say that it can become widespread in Turkey. " said.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Chief Public Prosecutor Hasan Uğurlu, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İdris Tataroğlu, Provincial Police Chief Kenan Aydoğan, Provincial Director of National Education Ebubekir Sıddık Savaşçı, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director Nazım Ekinci and gendarmerie and traffic police joined.

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