Press Release from Ministry of National Defense on TAF's Activities

Press release from the Ministry of National Defense on TSK activities
Press release from the Ministry of National Defense on TSK activities

The Ministry of National Defense made a press release on the activities of the Turkish Armed Forces via the video it published on May 30, 2021. The statement made a statement on many issues, including ongoing operations, training activities and exercises.


All units and institutions of the Ministry of National Defense; In order to protect the rights, relevance and interests of our country, to ensure the peace and security of our citizens, we continue to fight against terrorist organizations at home and abroad with self-sacrifice and heroism until the last terrorist is neutralized, and to successfully fulfill all the duties it undertakes by contributing to regional and global peace and stability is doing.

Within the scope of our Struggle Against Terrorism, which continues with determination in an increasing violence and pace, since January 1, terrorist organizations including PKK / KCK / PYD-YPG and FETO have been fought resolutely, 43 of them are large and 138 of them are A total of 181 operations, including medium-scale operations, have been carried out, and a total of 225 terrorists have been neutralized so far, 1.162 of them in May.

It started on April 23 in the Metina and Avashin-Basyan regions in the north of Iraq in order to increase the control of the area established by the previous Claw Operations, to eliminate the ongoing threats against our country, to neutralize the terrorists in the region and to ensure the security of our borders. Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning operations are continuing successfully as planned.

Within the scope of Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning Operations; 7.584 targets consisting of shelters, shelters and caves of terrorists were affected by our ground fire support vehicles and 215 targets by our Air Force elements. Subsequently, our commandos, supported by Air Force elements, ground fire support vehicles, ATAK Helicopters, UAVs and SİHAs, carried out air attack operations and land infiltration operations in the region. Maximum amount of domestic and national ammunition is used in operations.

Since the beginning of the operations, 142 terrorists have been neutralized, one of which was the regional officer. In addition, 57 caves, 110 shelters and 398 mines/IEDs were detected and destroyed; A large number of weapons, ammunition and life materials were seized.

All of our operations that we have carried out against the terrorist threat against our country until today are carried out with respect to the territorial integrity of all our neighbors, especially Iraq, in accordance with international law, within the scope of the right of self-defense and only targeting the terrorist elements in the region.

The said targets, which are determined using globally accepted target setting methods used in NATO; We are coordinated with our friends and allies, and in our operations, maximum attention and sensitivity is shown to the safety of life and property of the civilian population and the protection of the environment. Civil society, environment, historical and cultural structures are inviolable for the Turkish Armed Forces.

The Turkish Armed Forces, which emerged from the bosom of our noble nation, will continue the fight against terrorism for the security of our country and nation with determination and determination until the last terrorist is neutralized.

All kinds of measures have been taken and continue to be taken regarding the model plane and drone attacks that have been made recently. In this context, the launch pad of the model plane, whose launch location was determined on May 25, 2021, was destroyed and 1 terrorist was neutralized.


Regarding border security, as of January 1, a total of 5.869 persons, of which 62.296 were in May, who tried to cross our borders illegally, were arrested, and 11.284 persons, of whom 135.467 were in May, were blocked before they could cross the border. Among these individuals, a total of 52 terrorists, 138 of whom were FETO, were caught.

As a result of the operations carried out since January 1; 347.340 packs of cigarettes, 530 kilograms of drugs, 329 mobile phones and 1.486 various weapons were seized.

Within the scope of protecting and ensuring the security of our land borders, increasing the effectiveness in the fight against terrorists; Physical security systems supported by technological means are established at our borders, and the capabilities and capabilities of our border troops are continuously improved to ensure that effective measures are taken in border security.


Our humanitarian aid, infrastructure and daily life support activities continue in coordination with relevant public institutions and organizations in order to normalize life with mine / IED clearance in the areas cleared of terrorism in the Syrian Operation Areas.
Harassment and attack attempts to disrupt the environment of security and peace are prevented by our troops.

In this context, 60 terrorists have been neutralized by our hero commandos since January 1, 693 of them including DEASH terrorist organization members, in the Syrian Operation Areas.


In order to support the Azerbaijani army, within the scope of mine/IED search and destruction activities in the areas liberated from the occupation of Armenia, an area of ​​304.318 square meters has been cleared of mines so far. While continuing to support the modernization and training activities of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces within the scope of bilateral military and cooperation agreements with brotherly country Azerbaijan, Turkish Armed Forces and Azerbaijan Armed Forces; In the exercises they perform together, it shows that it has the power to perform any task to be given with its qualified personnel and equipment.

Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc. affiliated to our Ministry. The second batch of 5 vehicles was sent to Azerbaijan within the scope of the Project for the Production and Delivery of Mechanical Mine Clearing Equipment (MEMATT), signed between Azerbaijan

We will continue to stand by our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters with the understanding of "two states, one nation" through training, aid and consultancy activities.


In Libya, where we have 500 years of historical brotherhood ties, our Libyan brothers are provided with consultancy support on military training, mine / IED clearance, health, humanitarian aid and other military issues.

Also in this context; In order to establish the Libyan regular army and bring its units to international standards, trainings are given at 5 training centers in Libya. Mine/IED detection and destruction studies continue in order to contribute to the peace and security of the Libyan people.


The Turkish Armed Forces continue to protect the rights, interests and interests of our country and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, and to be the guarantor of peace and security in the Island of Cyprus in line with international guarantees and alliance agreements.

In a similar manner, contrary to the article of the Turkish-Greek Athens Memorandum of Understanding dated May 27, 1988, "Exercises requiring NOTAM will not be planned and performed on national and religious days and tourism activities are intense" on May 19, 2021 (Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and the date of the Sports Day).

As it is seen, Greece, which does not let the discourse of international law go unnoticed, continues its provocative, unlawful, uncompromising and escalating stance, which does not even abide by the agreements it has signed, despite all positive and constructive efforts of Turkey.

The fourth meeting on Confidence Building Measures, held between the Turkish and Greek Ministers of National Defense, was held on May 26-27 via Remote Video Interview. At the meeting, it was agreed to continue discussions on Confidence Building Measures. The next meeting is planned to be held in Ankara.

Turkey has been a party that has been in favor of the peaceful resolution of problems through dialogue and negotiations based on international law and good neighborly relations from the very beginning, and continues this stance with determination.

However, this attitude should not be misunderstood. Turkey is determined to protect and defend its and the TRNC's rights, interests and interests stemming from international law, and it is able to do so.


Despite the epidemic that has affected the whole world, the Turkish Armed Forces continues to strengthen its power and contribute to the support of regional and global peace, with its operations, exercises and training activities, as well as other national, international and NATO missions.

Within the scope of cooperation with our allies;

As the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, we participate in the STEADFAST DEFENDER 2021 exercise, which is one of the most important exercise activities carried out by NATO every three years.

Between 19 May-1 June 2021, the land part of the exercise, in which 11 allied countries apart from Turkey participated, is carried out in Romania's Bucharest and Cincu exercise areas, and the air and sea part is held in the Atlantic Ocean, hosted by Portugal.

Within the scope of the exercise, the 3rd Corps (HRF) Command and the 66th Marine Corps (VJTF) units will arrive in Bucharest and Cincu/Romania by land and air between 7-25 May 2021. Air Force elements consisting of 3 F-16Ds were transferred to Monte Real Air Base Portugal on 20 May 2021.

The Spanish Minex-2021 Exercise was held off Spain between April 24 and May 07, 2021 with the participation of Turkey, USA, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Efes 2021 Computer Aided Command Post Exercise was carried out in İzmir between 03-07 May 2021 with the participation of the Land, Naval, Air Force and General Staff.

Ramstein Ambition-21 NATO Simulated Command Control Exercise was held in Germany and Spain between 24-03 May 14 with the participation of 2021 NATO countries.

The 2nd Turkey-Azerbaijan Joint Battalion Task Force Training and Field Exercise was carried out between 17-28 May 2021 in Shamkir/Azerbaijan.

In addition, Turkey participated in the Dynamic Front-29 exercise, the first phase of which was conducted in Germany and Poland with the participation of 23 NATO countries, between April 2021 and May 18, 21. The second phase of the exercise is planned to be held in Polatlı/Ankara between 05-20 September 2021 with the participation of Turkey, USA and Spain.

The Naval Wolf-2021 Exercise is fired in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean between 25 May-06 June 2021 in order to increase the combat readiness of the Naval Forces elements by testing the cooperation and support procedures with the Force Commands and public institutions.

The International Anatolian Phoenix-21 Exercise is being held in Konya between May 24 and June 04, 2021 in order to improve training, cooperation and interoperability among the personnel rescue elements of the participating countries.

Fighting in more than one operational area at the same time, the Turkish Armed Forces is involved in maintaining peace and stability in 16 different regions of the world with nearly 6.000 personnel. In the coming period, we will continue to support regional and global peace through our operations, exercises and training activities, and to keep the Turkish Armed Forces' preparation for war at the highest level.


Regarding FETO; With all units of our Ministry, within the framework of sensitivity and determined criteria; continues its struggle with determination in the light of new information, documents and data. As of 15 July 2016, 24.714 personnel have been dismissed, and the administrative process continues for 2.493 personnel.

Between 1 January - 28 May 2021;

  • 2.048 personnel were dismissed from public service,
  • 375 retired personnel were declassified,
  • 80 personnel were reinstated,
  • The rank / title of 8 retired personnel has been restored.


Within the scope of the fight against Kovid-19, instant, point and dynamic measures are implemented in all our units, headquarters and institutions affiliated to our Ministry, taking into account many factors such as the way of detection of cases, status distribution, number of civilian cases in garrisons from the first day.

Within the scope of the application of the vaccines developed against the Kovid-19 epidemic to the personnel; Vaccination of health personnel and critical personnel has been completed, and vaccination activities of other personnel continue.

As a result; All units and institutions of the Ministry of National Defense, which fight in more than one operational area and take part in ensuring peace and stability in many regions of the world; For the defense and security of our country, he has the determination and determination to succeed in every task entrusted to him, as it has done so far.

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