Mobility is Expected in the Travel Sector After Gradual Normalization

Dynamism is expected in the travel industry
Dynamism is expected in the travel industry

The steps to be taken after the complete closure process implemented within the scope of combating coronavirus were determined by the circular on "Gradual Normalization Measures" sent by the Ministry of Interior to the governorships. While it is observed that restrictions in many sectors and areas are gradually being lifted, a new decision has been made regarding the intercity travel ban in this context. Accordingly, between May 17 and June 1, intercity travel will be free for periods and days without curfew. Intercity travel by public transport will be possible for the period and days when the curfew will be applied.

Making a statement on the issue, CEO of, Yaşar Çelik, said, “The immigration before its closure started to reverse gradually. Especially for the last 2 or 3 days, we have been experiencing a movement. The fact that a travel permit will not be required for intercity travels and private vehicles will not be allowed except in compulsory cases, which will further increase the demand for public transportation vehicles. Person, intercity travel ticket, reservation code and so on. It will be sufficient to present it with. It may be advantageous for citizens to plan their travels in advance. Because the demand is higher due to the start of returns to some regions. In the meantime, online tickets, which have become more and more interested in the pandemic, are preferred more and more every day compared to traditional methods. If a new measure does not come, we anticipate that after 1 June, the demand for coastal regions and plateau tourism due to the pandemic will increase and the mobilization will be more intense. To summarize, gradually the light at the end of the tunnel began to appear more and more. "With the widespread use of vaccination and the decrease in the number of cases, the summer season, when the tourism sector is most intense, will not be idle," he said.

According to the circular issued, the exceptions to the intercity travel restriction;

During the period and days in which curfew is applied, our citizens will not be asked to obtain a separate travel permit for intercity travels by public transport such as plane, train, bus, ticket, reservation code, etc. It will be sufficient to present it with. The mobility of such persons between the intercity public transport vehicles and their residences will be exempt from the curfew, provided that they are in line with the departure-arrival times.

Within the scope of the performance of a mandatory public duty, the intercity travels of public officials (inspectors, auditors, etc.) who are assigned by the relevant Ministry or public institution or organization, will be allowed to travel by private or official vehicles, provided that they present the institution identity card and assignment document.

The applications to be made by any relative of the funeral through the E-APPLICATION or ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the e-state gate to attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, his deceased first-degree relative or brother or to accompany the funeral transfer (up to 9 relatives) The necessary travel permit will be created for relatives of the deceased to travel with their private vehicles by automatically approving them by the system without losing time.

Citizens who will apply within the scope of funeral transfer and burial procedures will not be required to submit any documents, and the necessary inquiry will be made automatically before issuing the travel permit through the integration provided with the Ministry of Health.

2.2- It is essential that our citizens do not travel intercity with their private vehicles during the period and days in which the curfew restriction is applied. However, in the presence of the following mandatory situations, our citizens, provided that they document this situation; They will also be able to travel with their private vehicles, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards established within the Governorate / District Governorship through the E-APPLICATION and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Interior via e-government. Persons granted a Travel Permit will be exempt from the curfew during their travel period.

Conditions to be Considered Required;

  • Who is discharged from the hospital where he is treated and wants to return to his original residence, who has been referred with a doctor's report and / or previously received a doctor appointment / control,
  • Accompanying himself or his spouse's first degree relative or sibling receiving hospital treatment (maximum 2 persons),
  • Those who have come to the city they are in in the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay but want to return to their place of residence (those who submit their travel ticket, vehicle license plate, other documents showing their travel, information and information),
  • Those who will take the central exams announced by ÖSYM,
  • Who want to complete their military service and return to their settlements,
  • An invitation letter for private or public daily contract,
  • Released from penal institutions,
  • It will be accepted that the persons have a mandatory state.

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