How Can We Strengthen Our Immune System During The Pandemic Period?

How can we strengthen our immune system during the pandemic period?
How can we strengthen our immune system during the pandemic period?

The epidemic aggravates the pace, experts warn. Even the mutation of the deadly virus is mutating. According to experts, the number of cases is increasing by 5 percent every day. However, the transmission rate of the disease has increased by a third recently due to mutant viruses.

Stating that the immune system is a system that protects our body against the damaging effects of tiny creatures such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause infections, BHT CLINIC Istanbul Tema Hospital Doctors Prof. Dr. Celaletdin Camcı explained the ways to strengthen both the immune system and the immune system: “Among the functions of the immune system; Preventing harmful organisms from entering the body and, if they do, destroying them at the place they enter the body, preventing and delaying their spread is the most important. The immune system is capable of recognizing and distinguishing millions of different enemies and foreign structures inside and outside the body. A healthy body often copes with the disease factors and foreign substances it encounters without being noticed to the whole organism. One of the most important and vital features of the immune system is the "remembering" feature. Thanks to this lifelong feature, recurrence of many diseases is prevented. Over time, due to the weaknesses that develop in the immune system, pictures called "illness" emerge. " said.

BHT CLINIC Istanbul Tema Hospital Doctors Prof. Dr. Celaletdin Camcı shared the following current information in his speech that he explained the ways to strengthen both the immune system and the immune system:

The Tasks of a Strong Immune System

  • Reduces the severity of infections
  • Decreases the possibility of getting flu and similar diseases
  • Maximizes the recognition and elimination of cancer cells
  • Increases the energy level
  • Slows down the aging process

How Does a Strong Immune System Work?

The immune system has a structure that cooperates with the lymphatic system, blood vessels and nervous system networks surrounding the whole body and is affected by the disorders of these systems. The structure called all cells and intercellular connective tissue are the main places where information is created and quickly evaluated. The formation of an abnormal structure at the tissue level (injury, tissue damage, cancer cell development, etc.) causes the formation of signals that call immune cells to this area. Once immune cells are gathered in this area, they release many and different powerful chemicals by changing their own structures and shapes. These substances form the line of defense that allows cells to regulate their own growth and movement and fight foreign formations in that area.

What Are the Organs Forming the Immune System?

  • Bone marrow
  • Thymus gland
  • Spleen
  • Lymph nodes and lymphatic system

Bone marrow is the production site of the cells in the blood and stem cells that are capable of doing this job in cases where repair is required in our body, as well as lymphocytes, macrophages, leukocytes and NK (natural killers) cells that form the immune system. Some of the cells that mature in the bone marrow and pass into the blood have special characters and abilities in the lymph nodes, spleen and thymus. kazanrivers. Again, thanks to the blood flow and lymph flow, they begin to patrol the body by constantly circulating. When most of the leukocytes encounter foreign bodies or microbes, they immediately try to destroy that structure by attacking it. At the same time, they gather other immune cells to the same area through a number of chemical signals they secrete. Afterwards, the necessary mechanisms to develop antibodies against these foreign formations come into play, and memory cells are formed in the body, and a structure that will respond more quickly to similar attacks that may occur later is established.

What is NK (Natural Killer-Natural Killer) Test?

NK cells, on the other hand, perform the task of destroying cells that have been specifically invaded by viruses and cancer cells that have been formed in the body. For this reason, NK cells form the cell group that has very important functions for the continuation of life. In addition to the adequacy of the number of these cells, their functions must also be good and sufficient. Today, we have tests that can measure the functional capacity of these cells. NK-Vue test is one of these tests. It is a test that is studied with a small amount of blood sample such as 2 milliliters and we can comment on the cell activity by giving a numerical value.

What Are The Factors That Bad Affect Your Immune System?

The immune system may be weak due to reasons such as malnutrition, emotional problems (severe depression), constant stress environment, medical interventions (surgeries, long-term medical treatments, etc.), aging, insomnia (sleep disorders), alcohol and exposure to excessive UV rays.

The main symptoms in people with problems in the immune system are:

  • Chronic infections
  • Frequent cold / flu
  • Having frequent herpes or genital herpes
  • Infections that do not heal completely despite treatment
  • Recurrent wounds and abscesses
  • Skin rashes
  • Growth retardation

How Effective Is the Vaccine in Strengthening Your Immune System?

In addition to the immunity that the immune system develops by itself, it is possible to create active immunity with vaccine treatments. Thanks to the vaccination programs, many diseases that caused the death of many children and adults in history have become either invisible or very mildly overcome, and human life has been extended in this way. Although the immunity obtained with vaccines is not as much as natural immunity, it provides protection for satisfactory periods. Re-immune with an additional dose of vaccination when the formed antibody levels decrease kazancan be achieved. In addition to the vaccination programs that we call active immunity, there is another type of immunity that we call passive immunity. This is the situation in which babies can be protected against external pests thanks to the antibodies and active ingredients they receive in the first years of life with breast milk.

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