BursaRay, the Backbone of Public Transportation in Bursa, Takes a World Tour Every Day

Bursa, the waist bone of public transportation, Bursaray makes a world tour every day
Bursa, the waist bone of public transportation, Bursaray makes a world tour every day

BursaRay, which forms the backbone of public transportation with its daily passenger capacity of 400 thousand before the pandemic in Bursa, travels 478 thousand 48 kilometers in 600 trips per day and takes a world tour every day.

Bursaray, which was included in the public transportation system with its Küçük Sanayi - Şehreküstü and Organize Sanayi - Şehreküstü lines in Bursa in 2002, today has reached a 39-kilometer network that extends from the University to Kestel and to Emek in the north of the city. While carrying around 125 thousand passengers per day in the first year of its operation, Bursaray, which reached its daily passenger capacity up to 400 thousand people before the pandemic, constitutes the backbone of public transportation in Bursa.

Every day is an era of orgy

Bursaray, which brings the residents of Bursa to their homes, jobs and their families every day between 06.00 in the morning and 23.59 at night, makes 478 trips a day, including round trips between Kestel - University and Kestel - Emek. Considering that the distance between Kestel and University is 31 kilometers and the distance between Kestel and Emek is 25.7 kilometers, Bursaray travels 48 thousand 600 kilometers every day. Considering that the circumference of the world is 40 thousand 75 kilometers, Bursaray takes more than a world tour every day.

Capacity is increasing

In the meantime, the Rail System Signalization System Revision project, which was initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to meet the constantly increasing demand and to make transportation more comfortable, is progressing rapidly. The first phase of the study, which was planned as 2 phases for a 3-minute series interval between the University and Arabayatağı, was completed in October last year. The second phase of the project, which will save citizens' time in the rail system, covering the area between Pasa Farm and Küçük Sanayi, was completed on 21 March. While the third phase, which covers the area between Small Industry and University, is planned to be put into operation in August, a significant capacity increase has been achieved with the completion of only two phases. Before Phase 1 and Phase 2 are put into operation, between 07:43 - 09:00, 16 trips were made with a delay from the Beginners to the University direction, after these two phases were commissioned, between 07:43 - 09:00 Şehreküstü - Küçük Sanayi With the additional flights operated between the cities, 21 flights were started from the Novices to the direction of the University. Thus, the capacity increase from the novice to the University was 31 percent.

In addition to increasing the number of additional flights to the west direction, there will be additional flights from Küçük Sanayi to Şehreküstü direction during rush hours in the morning. When the number of vehicles is sufficient and the tariff plan is operated for 7,5 minutes, not 6 minutes, 07 trips from the novice to the University will be possible between 43:09 - 00:26. Thus, the capacity increase from novices to the University direction will reach 62 percent. With the completion of the Phase 3 study, the waiting time at the stations will be reduced to 2 minutes.



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