Turkey Gastronomy Cities Meet in Istanbul

turkiyenin gastronomy Cities will meet in Istanbul
turkiyenin gastronomy Cities will meet in Istanbul

Simultaneously with the ACE of MICE event, the Gastro Show, which will be held in partnership with the Tourism Media Group and the Gastronomy Tourism Association (GTD), set out with the aim of increasing the commercial volume by bringing together all the gastronomy sector stakeholders and bringing the world leaders together with the conference programs.

The first one will be held at the Istanbul Congress Center Open Space - ICC on 2-4 June, the Gastro Show will be held in partnership with the Tourism Media Group and the Gastronomy Tourism Association (GTD). Covid-19 developments will be organized by meticulously followed and it is aimed to organize a valuable gastronomy fair-conference by protecting the health and safety of all guests with additional measures. Tourism Media Group and Gastronomy Tourism Association (GTD) will host a wide range of exhibitors and visitors from different segments of the gastronomy industry with the motto "7 Cities, 7 Regions, 7 Countries" for the first time in 2021.

160 exhibitors, 15.000 visitors and 50 speakers with Gastro Show will take place in Turkey's top chefs and gastronomy sector have marked the different places of the world, will contribute by participating gastronomy experts.

The Gastro Show event, which will be held in the open area of ​​Istanbul Congress Center, will produce content that adds value to the fair with its 2 large Dome tent concept meeting rooms. Turkish cuisine, cheese, pita bread, turns and pizza as workshops are to be held within a dome tent, the other dome in the conference area the importance of Turkish cuisine, Stars gateway (Turkey and most important chefs in the world), 7 gastronomic city with stories, geographical indication products Informative sessions will be held with valuable speakers on the cuisine of 7 countries, street flavors, Modern Turkish Cuisine, healthy nutrition, Vegan-Vegetarian diet, the effect of climate change on food and world gastronomy trends.

Among the valuable speakers; World Gastronomy Association President Eric Wolf, a short time Michelin star field before "grandfather" the pride of Turkey, with restaurants, Ahmet Dede, Nepal Chefs Union President Suresh Basnet, Jerusalem Culinary Institute founder of the "Slow Food Chef Alliance" National Coordinator of Udine Goldschmith, United Nations Distinguished speakers such as Women representative Asya Varbanova, Respond on Demand founder and member of the World Culinary Arts Association Maria Athanasopoulo, award-winning journalist-writer Chantal Cooke, Bergamo University Professor and Food Tourism Researcher Roberta Garibaldi will share their experiences and knowledge with the participants. Turkey will be the most valuable chiefs us. Aydın Demir, Deniz Temel, Ebru Baybara Demir, Mehmet Yalçınkaya, Murat Bozok, Sahrap Soysal, Sinem Cross, Somer Sivrioğlu and Umut Karakuş will be among the experts in their fields as speakers. In addition, Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Özgül Özkan Yavuz, Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin, Former Tourism Minister Bülent Akarcalı, NGO Presidents-Board Members, journalists-gastronomy writers and academicians will add experience, expertise, color and quality to the event program.

During the 360 ​​degree Video Mapping Show in dome tents, there will be an opportunity to experience the magnificent presentations of master chefs. They will find opportunities to hold face-to-face meetings with Gastronomy agencies, international event agencies, and Concierge managers of hotels in the B2B area. Thus, taking into valuable corporate Gastro Show Turkey and around the world to meet with suppliers, and sign new agreements will be quite a large market opportunity to increase sales.

Gastro Show participants will represent the entire Gastronomy-Tourism food and tourism industry, including all major sectors and specific niches. The fair will include real food and beverage products as well as logistics solutions and health products. It should not be surprising that the fair, where so many products are exhibited and has opportunities to make sales and business network that cannot be found elsewhere, will host thousands of professional visitors every year!

Gastro Show Istanbul aims to continue its mission to create value for the gastronomy sector by bringing together the world's top quality food product manufacturers operating in many sectors and markets.

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