Transformation in the world with 5G Will Use Industry Leadership in Turkey

The globe with turkey industries in gun use will lead to transform
The globe with turkey industries in gun use will lead to transform

Being the world leader in its sector, Schunk drew attention to the importance of 5G technology that will mark every aspect of life from production to consumption in the coming years.

Schunk, which operates in more than 50 countries around the world and is the world leader in the market of robotic automation equipment, CNC machine workpiece clamping systems and tool holders, is the starting point of innovations. kazanHe explained the benefits. Drawing attention to the technological transformation that Turkey has successfully implemented in many areas such as unmanned aerial vehicles and electric cars, Schunk Turkey and Middle East Country Manager Emre Sönmez stated that our country, which will become stronger with the transition to the use of 5G in the industry, will lead the transformation in the world.

While 5G technology and the innovations it will bring are discussed in the world today, infrastructure preparations for 5G continue at full speed in our country. With the development of technology, infrastructure criteria change periodically in order for cellular networks to provide more efficient and effective service. The communication devices we use in our daily life are also produced to be compatible with this infrastructure. 5G represents the fifth modification of these infrastructure codes and material. So, what will 5G technology, the future of wireless networks, change in our lives? Schunk, the world leader in the market of robotic automation equipment, CNC machine workpiece clamping systems and tool holders, believes that 5G technology has become a part of our lives. kazandrew attention to its benefits.

The industrial revolution that started with Industry 4.0 is moving to the next step with 5G

The importance of 5G technologies and the company Schunk shared their practices in this field in Turkey and the Middle East Country Manager Emre Sonmez, were found in the following statement: "The revolution in the industry we started with Industry 4.0, we are moving to the next step with intelligent production technology strengthened with 5G. unmanned aerial vehicles in Turkey, in many fields such as electric cars technological transformation initiatives we have implemented successfully, by strengthening transition to 5G use in the industry we are among the countries which led to the transformation of the world. Turkey condition as Schunk, our products are made in the monitoring process and going directly at the component level of communication we are also integrated into the system that will improve efficiency. We make technology platforms that are smart, that can learn, feel, and can be controlled by artificial intelligence algorithms that can communicate much faster both within themselves and with the outside world thanks to the 5G connection. "

5G will be an important part of our lives

Describing the usage areas of 5G technology, which will significantly increase flexibility, speed and efficiency especially in production areas, Emre Sönmez; “5G will be an important part of our lives in the near future and will guide technology in many industries. This technology; It will affect many sectors such as smart production, industry, transportation and agriculture. Especially in the production area, with 5G technology, processes will become much more flexible and efficient, while at the same time more reliable and lower maintenance cost production will be possible.

Billions of objects talk to each other

Saying that IoT technology, which is one of the most researched topics in recent years, has increased the number of internet-based devices between objects and the large data generated as a result of the communication between these devices, Sönmez continued his words as follows: “The number of devices connected to the internet network is 2025-50 in 75. It is predicted by experts that it will reach the level of one billion. While the Internet of Things will increasingly affect our daily life and production, 5G will affect the objects that can talk to each other the most. Virtual shopping, which is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world, especially in the retail sector, will give consumers the chance to experience brand new experiences with virtual reality thanks to the introduction of 5G and faster internet. "

Many critical sectors will transform with 5G

Saying that 5G technology will be used in important infrastructure services in the energy sector, Sönmez completed his words as follows: “With 5G, innovative solutions will be provided in generation, distribution and next generation smart grid lines. 5G technology will be used for real-time data collection in the IoT-based process of agricultural activities, water management, livestock and crop monitoring. This will especially increase productivity and profitability. In the transportation sector, as 5G-based inter-vehicle communication platforms are rapidly becoming widespread, autonomous driving will become much more reliable. In summary, many critical sectors will transform with 5G. "

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