Trolleybus surprise in public transportation

Trolleybus surprise in public transportation
We saw off the trolleybus from Izmir in 1992, with power cuts and the horns coming out of the catenary in sharp bends. We are a nation that once resented the trolley; but we have come to the times when this insult should be put aside. Technological developments in the transportation sector have also led to very serious developments in trolleybus technology. The most rational advice we can give to our well-intentioned municipalities, come to think twice before building a rail system and ask yourself the following question: Can we rule this system cheaper and faster with a trolleybus?
Mr. Prime Minister, our electric vehicle in our minds regarding while putting a target before Turkey had plans for the rebirth from the ashes of the trolleybus. Those ları horned ”buses, still in their memory, have been known to be quiet and very easy to maintain. In fact, what is real today, the slopes of the system back to the power of the language was transferred from the language.
Who forgets the last produced aralı 101 Door Number Tosun ”in the IETT garage?
The day came when the trolleybuses cut off traffic on the roads due to electricity cuts; In sharp bends, the "horns" from the catenary was more noticeable accidents. Result: Turkey, ended the adventure with the troleybüsl. In the last 1992, we saw farewell from Izmir; However, the hidden T of IETT and the non-secret T of ESHOT is still trolleybus.
Carbon emissions
Everything changed today, and nothing will ever be the same. You ask why? Because we entered 21.YY with a global carbon problem; The Kyoto Protocol on controlling carbon emissions, which has been the championship of the European Union (the EU), which has reached serious distinctions between countries, was of interest to us all. Additional 1 countries carbon emissions in open while Turkey's responsibility in this regard in recent years has increased considerably.
On the one hand, these increases are related to economic development, which cannot be denied or rejected; On the one hand, the environmental footprint of the enriched society increases, while on the other hand, its concerns increase. According to the Nobelian economist Simon Kuznets, per capita income growth brings a transition to an increasingly environmentally sensitive life; This hypothesis has been proven empirically in most countries. Although this situation manifests itself in environmental pollution, it is an important step towards a globally sensitive society.
Zero emission
Energy Efficiency in the framework of harmonization with the EU acquis in Turkey pulled the Act, as with increased regulations. Today, we have entered the race for introducing more ambitious electric energy into the transportation area, which improves the quality of the environment. perhaps a significant chance that capture the face of Turkey's increasingly automobilization electric vehicles. What about Trolleybus?
Trolleybus was once a frightened nation; but we've come to the time when this bullshit should be left aside. Yeah! Technological developments across the transportation sector have also caused serious developments in trolleybus technology. No longer used to be on the road as before, 'horns' would not have been a dead end. This public transport which includes all the advantages provided by the electric power tool stands in front of Turkey as a serious alternative. Silent is a vehicle trolleybus that provides zero emission and carbon for the consumer and can easily transport where the topography is perpendicular.
Cheaper and faster
Indeed, the managers of many cities today are in a hurry to introduce our people to favorable public transport systems. An important part of these pleasant flurries is the rail public transport. Where all the municipalities in the 500 thousand population are seriously approaching the issue of rail system in public transportation. The most rational advice we can give to our well-intentioned municipalities, think twice before making a bridal system and ask yourself this question: Can we build this system more cheaply and faster with trolleybus? Let's think about the rail system together.
Term investment
Because our country's resources are limited. 2023 targets can only be realized through savings from oil imports and cities that operate at a cheaper rate. The fact that all of these is a rubber wheel, that is, a bus (see Highway Traffic Law 2918) is the 'unique' cheap and long term investment that can face the 'expensive' rail systems for all medium-sized cities that are looking for a quality environment.
We know that many cities like Kütahya are now taking trolleybus agendas. We hope that they will succeed in meeting the trolleybuses of our country. The day will come again in a repair shop and 'Tosun' will be reappeared, will bring us a step closer to the goals of 2023.

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