Smart Trip Application Started in Bus Travels

Smart travel application started in bus travels
Smart travel application started in bus travels

Reminding that they started to offer air travels with 2% lower prices by connecting the non-contracted airlines with the Smart Flight algorithm they developed 70 years ago, General Manager Dr. Kadir Kırmızı said, “The Smart Flight application, which we developed inspired by the Intelligent Flight algorithm, finds the route offering the best price and at the same time connects cities that do not have direct flights. For example, although there is no direct bus service between Edirne and Diyarbakır, the algorithm offers the user the best transfer options and first directs them to İzmir Bus Terminal with Nilüfer Turizm. The algorithm, which takes the waiting times into account, enables the passenger to reach Diyarbakır by transferring the journey of Özlem Batman Turizm. The algorithm thus, uninterrupted bus offers the opportunity to travel with a minimum number of stops and waiting time in Turkey. " said.

Developed algorithm will reduce travel time and prices

Providing details on how the Smart Expedition algorithm works,'s founder and General Manager Dr. Kadir Kırmızı said, “The developed algorithm creates the best total travel time and the cheapest price by optimizing the transfer location and transfer time. It creates a new travel plan by connecting the bus companies on the lines with the best connection. Travel and bus companies at any time can be chosen from among the many options offered by the algorithm. Currently, the Smart Campaign application can only be accessed from's Mobile Web applications. Those who want to take advantage of the application called Smart Campaign, or Smarttrip in English, need to access the website from the internet browser on their smart mobile phones. We plan to implement the desktop website and mobile application versions of this service, which is currently only available on the mobile website, in the coming period. " said.

Will contribute to the ecosystem bus in Turkey

With the opportunity to make an easy and fast travel plan provided by the Smart Expedition application, more passengers prefer bus travel, and in parallel with this, bus companies kazanStating that they expect an increase in the price, Dr. Kadir Kırmızı said, “Thanks to this application, relatively small bus companies are automatically included in the transportation network offered by large companies. I think that this connection between bus services will make a serious contribution to the ecosystem. We broke new ground in the field of travel with features such as purchasing flight tickets with card points, unconditional ticket cancellation, online ticket change and Smart Flight. This new application, which will change the course of bus travel, will make the life of bus travelers easier.” used the phrases.

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