The Number of Internet Users Across the World, Increased by 1 Million People in 120 Year

By age, the entire population will be internet users.
By age, the entire population will be internet users.

As of January 2021, the number of internet users worldwide increased by 120 million in one year and reached 4.66 billion. Looking at the last 5 years, 24 million new internet users emerged all over the world with an increase of 900 percent.

Referring to the researches made by Sirkhet Consulting Founder Efecan Başöz, he said, “We estimate that the limit of 2022 billion internet users will be exceeded in 5. This figure shows us that in 2022, close to 60 percent of the world's population will be internet users. ''

Internet Usage Ceases to Be a Luxury

With 83 million people in Turkey the number of people using the Internet by the year 2021 reached 66 million. In statements related to internet use Efecan Basöz our country, the number of internet users in Turkey in 2022 to close to 68 million and 13 over the age limit would be to the entire population of Internet users in 2022.

Active Social Media Users 60 Million to Upgrade in Turkey

Referring to the topic of the use of social media Basöz, "the social media side of Turkey five years ago to 5 million while the number of active users, today this figure showed an increase of 48 percent, rising to 60 million. Looking at the population compared to 25 years ago when a 5 percent penetration of social media usage in Turkey, today this figure has reached 60 percent. " used the expressions.

'' Socially Responsible Content Attracts More Attention to Young People ''

Stating that the use of social media is increasing day by day and the category of entertaining content is growing day by day, Başöz said, “In an environment with such an intense content, brands need to produce new generation solutions and act quickly in order to create permanence. Especially the contents that value sustainability and have social responsibility attract more attention of the new generation and are preferred. ''

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