Fox and Beaver Hide Seized at Esenboğa Airport

Seized fox and beaver hide at Esenboga airport
Seized fox and beaver hide at Esenboga airport

📩 18/03/2021 14:54

250 fox and beaver skins were seized in the luggage of a passenger who was seen as suspicious and sought during the operations carried out by the Customs Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Commerce at Ankara Esenboğa Airport. In another operation, approximately 15 million lira worth of commercial goods were seized.

In two operations carried out by the Customs Enforcement Teams of the Ministry of Commerce at Esenboğa Airport, 19 suspects were detained.

The Customs Enforcement Teams, who are continuing their smuggling activities at Esenboğa Airport, did not stop smuggling with two operations they organized.

195 beavers and 55 fox skins captured

The teams started a study on the notification that a passenger will arrive at Esenboğa Airport with a large number of animal skins.

The results of research on risk analysis prior to the subject of the future of passenger information Turkey, when the person in question, which is next to the airport plane was detected.

When the plane landed at the airport, the teams detained the suspect passengers and luggage.

Passengers who took their luggage without any notification to the customs and headed to the airport exit were stopped and their baggage was checked with an X-ray device. After this check, 195 beavers and 55 fox skins were found in the luggage that was opened and decided to be searched.

Foreign national suspect was detained.

Smuggling methods attached to customs

As a result of field research and intelligence activities, in another operation they organized, it was revealed that the products with high commercial value in the temporary storage area at the airport were replaced with worthless goods and put on the market.

After about 3 months of technical and physical follow-up, the teams meticulously collected the necessary evidence and pressed the button for the operation. Simultaneous operations were carried out in Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul and Kahramanmaraş where the perpetrators were located.

Among them are brand handbags, crypto-currency instruments and where there are 15 million pounds worth of mobile phone products, paying taxes that are determined to put Turkey 18 suspects were detained.

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