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practice of ritual sofor from ego
practice of ritual sofor from ego

📩 18/03/2021 15:04

EGO General Directorate continues to implement practices that take into account citizen satisfaction as well as comfortable and clean transportation. With a new application initiated by the Bus Management Department, from now on, every month, the "Driver of the Month" will be selected.

The Metropolitan Municipality is implementing new applications to provide a better quality and comfortable transportation service to the people of Başkent who use public transportation vehicles.

While the EGO General Directorate continues its trainings for bus drivers, it has also launched a new application to increase driver quality and citizen satisfaction. EGO Bus Operations Department will choose the “Driver of the Month” every month from now on from among the bus drivers.


Within the scope of the new application, a total of 5 bus drivers, including one employee from each region, will be regularly announced as "Driver of the Month".

The drivers of the month, which will be determined by a scoring system according to a total of 9 criteria, from thank you messages to citizens for their behavior, will also be rewarded with bonuses.


EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak stated that they determined the drivers of the first month and met with the selected drivers.

Emphasizing that work ethics, work discipline and goodwill factors are also an important criterion in elections, Tekbudak gave the following information:

“In the driver evaluation of the month, 153 criteria were taken into consideration, including drivers' compliance with traffic rules, compliance with their colleagues and supervisors, business discipline, dress code, sensitivity towards citizens, and positive feedback delivered through Başkent 9. As a result of the evaluation, 5 of our drivers, including one employee from each region, were selected as the first 'Drivers of the Month' this year. "

One of the drivers of the month, Hüseyin Karasakal, which Tekbudak congratulated one by one, said: “We are doing our job lovingly. Volkan Gülşen said, “I am very happy to be deemed worthy of such an award, I am proud”.

Abdullah Köksal, one of the EGO bus drivers, who met the success criteria in many issues ranging from getting disabled citizens on and off the bus to cleaning the vehicle in the capital city, said, “Although the job we do is difficult, we do it with pleasure. This award is also proud, ”and Resul Çelik shared his thoughts with the words“ This application encourages us all to work better, thank you ”. Expressing that he was happy to be selected as the driver of the month, Yaşar Başaran said, “I wish it to be an example for everyone. I was very happy, ”he said.

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