The Next 5 Years Will Be Critical For Smart City Technologies

The next year will be critical for smart city technologies
The next year will be critical for smart city technologies

We are getting closer to the cities ruled by artificial intelligence, which we watch in science fiction movies, with the technology we have reached today. Reports prepared by technology companies; It shows that between 2028 and 2036, smart cities will become prominent issues and will gain more place in our lives.

Arma Kontrol, which exports technology to 60 countries, developed by using connection and sensor technologies; Turkey's first patented reverse blocker, it is laying the foundation of their personal smart city car park barrier and flood barriers. Arma Kontrol, accelerating its work for smart cities, will continue to conduct R&D studies on new products for this area in 2021.

Artificial intelligence, which has started to take place in many areas from production to industry, is evolving itself towards smart cities. Turkey, which develops technology for smart city projects Rig Control, safety systems based on artificial intelligence and aims to bring the whole world.

"The concept of smart city is one of the issues we prioritize"

Stating that cities such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Istanbul are supported with smart city studies, Arma Kontrol Founder and General Manager Koray Kartal said, “Smart cities that many world countries care about and start to invest for purposes such as efficiency, energy saving and public benefit are It is at the top of the topics. Our products that we have developed ensure the safe flow of life in smart cities in many countries of the world. With WOC Software, which we invested last year, we will continue to develop products by focusing more on this area. Primarily in smart city applications; "We are working on face recognition technology, parking systems, pedestrianization projects, unmanned payment and unmanned traffic control systems."

"We are ready to implement smart city projects of municipalities"

Stating that its products are combined with artificial intelligence and security and barrier systems talk to each other, Kartal continued, “We are increasing our work on systems that can be managed from a single center day by day. We analyze the needs in this field very well and develop solutions for these needs with our R&D team. Investing in smart city technologies is among our plans for 2021. The next 5 years will be critical for this field. Today, we are in a position to compete with the world in smart city technologies and human resources, and even export to the world. We are ready to implement smart city projects of local administrations and municipalities with the technologies we have developed. We want to implement smart city technologies, which we have developed with our own technology with 100% domestic resources, in the cities of our country with the best quality-price performance. Our goals in this field are quite big, we want to deliver our technology to all cities of the world without restricting it to our country. We want to move our country to a point that exports smart city technologies to the world. "

He wants to perpetuate the perception of Turkish Made

Combining artificial intelligence, software and connection technologies, Arma Kontrol's products are used in many cities today. The company, which develops pedestrianization, traffic safety, traffic routing, barrier and security technologies for floods and floods, wants to maintain the quality of Turkish Made in smart cities. The unmanned payment technology developed by Arma Kontrol with artificial intelligence is used today in the car parks of Dubai Mazaya Mall.

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