New Unit Commissioned in Leningrad NGS

New unit commissioned in leningrad ngs
New unit commissioned in leningrad ngs

The 1200th unit of the Leningrad NGS in Russia, with the VVER-6 reactor activated, was commissioned. Andrey Petrov, Managing Director of the Rosenergoatom company responsible for the operation of Russian nuclear power plants, signed the regulation on the subject.

The commissioning of the unit was carried out after a 15-day pilot operation process, in which extensive tests were also carried out. The Russian nuclear observer Rostechnadzor Authority approved the facility's compliance with design documents, technical regulations and energy efficiency requirements on March 10, following the completion of the tests.

“The new unit of the Leningrad NGS is the fourth unit that has been commissioned in Russia and has a VVER-1200 reactor,” said Rosenergoatom General Manager Andrey Petrov. As a result of this important event, the total number of units in Russia increased to 38. This new unit will replace the second unit with the RBMK-45 reactor, which was closed in November 2020 after 1000 years of operation, in terms of capacity. The unit will also ensure the stability of the region in energy and economic issues, ”he said.

Leningrad NGS, St. It meets more than 55% of the energy needs of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Regions. This ratio corresponds to 30% of Northwest Russia's electricity generation. Even after its second unit was decommissioned, Leningrad NGS remained the strongest nuclear power plant in Russia and the largest nuclear power plant in northwestern Russia, with an installed capacity of 4400 MW (Megawatt).

The units of the power plant with VVER-1200 activated reactors are also a reference for some of Rosatom's international NGS projects. Among these international projects are Hanhikivi-1 NGS in Finland, Paks-2 NGS in Hungary and Belarusian NGS in Belarus.

Commenting on the commissioning of the new unit, Leningrad NGS Director Vladimir Pereguda. “The commercial commissioning of the unit made it possible for all participants of this comprehensive project to work in a coordinated and efficient manner. The new unit, which was subjected to hundreds of tests during pilot operation, is extremely safe and reliable. "These tests have confirmed that the unit will provide electricity and heat to Russia's rapidly developing Northwest Region."

The 6th unit of the Leningrad NGS produced 2 billion kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity during the period until it was put into commercial operation. According to preliminary estimates, the economic impact of the unit on the consolidated budget of the Leningrad Region in the form of additional tax will be more than Ruble 3 billion (about $ 40,5 million) per year after the commercial operation.

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