Malatya Firefighting Teams to Intervene Without Stuck in the Lights

Malatya firefighters will intervene without getting stuck in the lights
Malatya firefighters will intervene without getting stuck in the lights

The New Fire Station, built by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, has added a new one to its technological features. A new system was established by the Fire Department for the green light of the signalization lights on the route of the vehicles in a joint effort with the Department of Transportation in order for the fire trucks to intervene in the incidents faster.

The Metropolitan Fire Department established a new signaling system in order to prevent the loss of life and property of citizens, to prevent loss of time in possible incidents, accidents, fires and emergencies, and to intervene faster in cases we do not want to happen. The Fire Department, which established a signaling system to minimize the cases, started to apply the signaling system as of today. With a signal that the fire truck will send as soon as it exits the center for the first response to the incident, the signaling system on the vehicle's transit route will turn to a green light in the direction of the fire truck and open the road automatically at the intersections.


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head Hanifi Acar, who introduced the new system, said, '' When our President Selahattin Gürkan took office, one of the first great services he did was the realization and putting into service of the New Fire Station. In order to provide the safety of life and property to our esteemed fellow citizens and to serve them, fire trucks had to move in the fastest way through the intersections. For this, with the help of our Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department, we established our new system so that all the lights at the intersection turn green from the moment the fire trucks leave the fire station. We started operating as of today. In a negative situation that we do not want to be experienced, we aim to intervene in a faster and more reliable way with the signaling system of our vehicles. With this system, our New Fire Station has become fully equipped. ''

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