Nasal Spray Shaped Covid-19 Vaccine Started Clinical Trials

Covid vaccine in the form of nasal spray started clinical trials
Covid vaccine in the form of nasal spray started clinical trials

The first indigenous nasal spray novel coronavirus vaccine developed independently by the Haihua Biological company entered the clinical trial phase. The nasal spray vaccine was developed based on gene recombination technology. The new vaccine features rapid antibody production (protective antibodies can be produced in 7 days), convenient use, and rapid popularization of vaccination in completed animal experiments.

Since the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory system, the vaccine is administered into the nasal cavity, which can cause a wider immune response in the human body than intramuscular injection and can rapidly achieve mucosal immunity, cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

Haihua Biological chief scientist Li Mingyi said the nasal spray COVID-19 vaccine could cover the entire body in 3-5 days. Not only is it convenient and fast to use, the vaccine production process is simple, the technology is mature and the material resources are extensive, so the production cost is relatively low.

What is the difference between nasal spray vaccine and injection vaccine?

The nasal spray flu virus carrier COVID-19 vaccine, jointly developed by Xiamen University, Hong Kong University and Beijing Wantai Biotechnology, began clinical trials in September last year.

Nasal spray influenza virus vector novel coronavirus vaccine is to insert new coronavirus gene segments into the influenza virus vector to make a live virus vector vaccine, thereby stimulating the human body to produce an immune response against the novel coronavirus. Also, in terms of vaccination methods, the biggest difference is that, unlike traditional intramuscular injection, the nasal spray vaccine is instilled from the nasal cavity.

Source: China International Radio

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