Priority and Convenience in Getting Visa for Those Who Are Vaccinated in China

The visa will be provided with priority and convenience for those who are ascribed to jinn
The visa will be provided with priority and convenience for those who are ascribed to jinn

The Office of the Commissioner of the Hong Special Administrative Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China announced that foreigners with the Covid-19 vaccine produced by Chinese institutions and companies will be facilitated from entering China. Then, China's embassies in countries such as the USA, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Israel, Thailand and Gabon made similar statements. According to the statements, the process of applying for a Chinese visa for foreign nationals using Chinese vaccines will be simplified in order to regularly resume contacts between China and foreign countries.

In the statements, people and their families who want to return to reproduction in China will prepare the files according to the previous demands of the epidemic. The approval processes of those with "urgent humanitarian needs" will be accelerated and facilitated. Foreign national family members of a Chinese citizen or a permanent resident; They will be able to apply for family gathering, care, visiting, attending a funeral or visiting seriously ill patients.

Anyone with an APEC business travel document will be able to apply for an M visa with an invitation letter from an institution from mainstream China. The requirement for visa convenience will be to use a Chinese-made vaccine. The application was opened 2 days after using 14 doses of vaccine at the desired interval or the first dose of vaccine. Nucleic acid test document and travel and health notification report for the last 14 days will also not be required.

Source: China International Radio

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