3 Formulas for Success in E-Commerce: Choosing the Right Marketplace, Marketplace Management, Influencer Campaign

Formula for success in e-commerce, choosing the right market place, market place management, influencer campaign
Formula for success in e-commerce, choosing the right market place, market place management, influencer campaign

It is very important to choose the right market place for the reflection of the increases in e-commerce and e-exports to the brands during the Covid-19 epidemic that surrounded the world. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of DEX, which organizes influencer campaigns in 126 countries of the world and provides marketplace management support to companies, said that great success can be achieved with simple solutions. Pamuk stated that getting professional support to choose the right market place in e-commerce and e-export enables brands to take the first step right, "In addition, when it comes to the right management of the market place and the influencer campaign suitable for the target audience, recognition, sales and turnover increase are inevitable." .

While the Covid-19 epidemic makes the world more digital, companies that keep up with this transformation and change continue their growth without slowing down. of the epidemic process kazanE-commerce platforms are at the forefront of these companies: E-commerce sites that have been serving their existing customers so far will try to increase their sales, which they tried to keep alive with price advantageous campaigns of up to 70 percent in the previous years, by up to 2020 percent in 400 without the need for any additional discounts. succeeded. In this, while the effect of the stay at home period during the epidemic process was great, at the same time, the fact that about 65 million people over the age of 10 and no internet users met online life played a leading role in the rise.

5 Years of Acceleration Achieved in 6 Months

Reports stating that e-commerce sites will grow even more and that new consumers will be reached by going beyond the classical markets with digital exports are also published one after another. This situation further increases the importance of the marketplaces where sales are made on e-commerce sites. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of DEX, which conducts influencer marketing for digital exports in 126 countries of the world, gave information about the marketplaces in digital exports for companies and SMEs who want to get out of the process profitably. Digital world exports in 1995, and now lives in Turkey, reminiscent of cotton in 1997, Ellis noted that Covidien-19 along with the epidemic of online shopping and digital booming exports. Pamuk said, “During the epidemic that we experienced in 2020 and continues today, online commerce has made serious increases. Turkey will be caught momentum in 3-5 years, 6 months, were caught in the epidemic. This momentum will continue with a serious multiplier for online sales and digital export. Here not only its own brand of e-commerce sites, especially the market place processes in Turkey and abroad will also be engaged in, "he said.

No Need to be on Every Platform

Emrah Pamuk, explaining that market place ownership is important in digital export channels, but the most important thing is to use this market place correctly, said that professional assistance in market place selection and management of market places in this process is very important to brands. kazanhe told me he was. Pamuk gave the following information:

“There are market places in our country and abroad that stand out according to consumer use cases. Therefore, opening stores in market places with a high number of users will accelerate the path of those who aim for success in digital exports. In doing so, there is no need to be in all marketplaces. The sector of the company and its costs should be the first factor that determines in which market place it should be located. At this point, the company should focus on the marketplace without being distracted, and after success there, it should evaluate other marketplaces. "

The marketplace should be kept alive

Listing the most important e-commerce marketplaces, DEX CEO Emrah Pamuk said, “These can be listed as Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, Ozone, Wallmart, Ebay, Allegro, Wildberries. Turkey also Hepsiburada, I Sahibinden.co, Trendyol, I N11.Co, Gittigidiyor, are platforms that wish to do business almost every company Amazon and Turkey, "he said. Answering the question of what should be the strategies of SMEs regarding the market places in these platforms, Pamuk said: “After the brands open the market place, they leave this place to their fate. In fact, brands should see their online marketplaces as an offline store or showroom. And they must keep these marketplaces up to date. It is very important for them to promote their products, especially with video-oriented content. Or very good photo shoots will be enough. "

Correct Work Necessary for the Right Campaign

Emrah Pamuk stated that Influencer campaigns make significant contributions to the e-market place and said, “Brands in social media provide serious benefits with their influencer marketing efforts. If it combines the correct use of Influencer with the project, especially in the target audience; success is inevitable anyway. Especially the marketplace has recently been in the context of 'Affiliate Influencer Marketing'; It progresses with its 'Sales Oriented and Revenue Sharing' model. This model also pleases influencers and brands. At this point, the importance of the right campaign emerges: Influencer marketing work should be presented to the consumer by giving the right message on the social media platforms used by the people in the target audience of the brand in Turkey or abroad. If this is done, there is an increase in followers, reach, interaction and turnover. Of course, the correct reporting and analysis of this study sheds light on his next study. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve success in influencer work, ”he said.

DEX CEO Emrah Pamuk listed the documents required for SMEs and manufacturers to open a marketplace on e-export sites as follows:

  • The company should choose the platform with the appropriate market place for its target audience.
  • The Republic of Turkey Company tax number, must be corporate e-mail address and bank account.
  • The company must have official documents such as tax plate and registration number.
  • The company must upload all documents for membership.
  • After becoming a member of the e-commerce and e-export site, the marketplace approval process should be followed.
  • After the marketplace approval, the category should be selected for the products that the brand will sell.

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