LG's Revolutionary CLOi Robot Technologies Available to Users

lgnin revolutionary cloi robot technologies at the service of users
lgnin revolutionary cloi robot technologies at the service of users

Until just a few years ago, robots seen in everyday life outside of factories were entering the field of science fiction. Yet today, robots are at the center of life. Moreover, since robots do not need to breathe, they can be involved in daily life without worrying about social distance. In the future, the spread of robot-led services is likely to be part of the new world order, in order for people to maintain social distance.

At CES 2021, the CLOi robot family led by LG GuideBot, ServeBot, ChefBot and UV-C Robot demonstrated capabilities that go beyond welding cars and playing chess. These high-tech robots are intended to be deployed to assist people in public spaces such as restaurants, hospitals and office buildings without the need for human-to-human interaction.

LG CLOi ServeBot

LG CLOi ServeBot has two useful types, drawers and shelves, to deliver products inside hotels, hospitals and restaurants. This smart robot can simultaneously receive multiple instructions to deliver the ingredients in the correct order, following the most efficient route possible, whether it's transporting medicines from one hospital floor to another, or navigating tables with pasta plates in a luxury Italian restaurant.

LG CLOi ServeBots are working hard at a grocery store located on the LG Sciencepark research campus to provide snacks and drinks to employees on floors accessible only by elevators. Delivered items are kept safe under lock and key, which can only be opened when the robot reaches its destination.

LG CLOi ChefBot and GuideBot

LG CLOi ChefBot is a six-axis multi-joint robot that can prepare delicious noodle-based meals for customers in restaurants. LG CLOi GuideBot is designed as an accessible 'consultation' for places such as airports, shopping malls and exhibition halls. LG CLOi GuideBot has a large touchscreen display that contains a guide with helpful information, as well as a variety of information to help people easily get where they are going.

LG CLOi UV-C Robot

The 1,6 meter long LG CLOi UV (ultraviolet C) Robot attracted great attention at CES 2021. This mobile hygiene machine, with large UV lamps on the front and back, has been proven to disinfect 50 percent of the colon bacillus within 99,9 centimeters. Thanks to the human motion sensor, this robot can be operated via the mobile application to minimize the exposure of human operators to ultraviolet light. LG's UV robot will be available in the US for the first time later this year.

LG CLOi BaristaBot

LG CLOi BaristaBot offers its future-inspiring expertise in selected cafes in Seoul, South Korea to assist both consumers and business owners in the face of long-established social distancing rules. Designed with the ability to serve the same delicious serving of coffee every time, this supercharged barista uses a large database of bean types, water temperature and brewing times for the perfect cup of coffee.

LG CLOi offers people a world where interacting with robots even on an emotional level is not only possible but desirable. Who wouldn't really want more time to leave things to robots and focus on what makes life so good?

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