Wagon Tanks Produced in Kocaeli to Carry Iraq's Oil

minister varank dropped the wagons to carry Iraqi oil from Kocaeli
minister varank dropped the wagons to carry Iraqi oil from Kocaeli

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank passed the wagon tanks produced in Kocaeli for Iraqi Railways and the first batch of delivery started. The shipment of 400 of the 50 wagon tanks to be produced by the Cryocan company established in Dilovası for the Iraqi Railways started. The company aims to complete the production of 2021 more tank wagons by the end of 100 and deliver them to Iraq.

Minister Varank visited the factory in Dilovası where the tank wagons are produced. Receiving information from Tekin Urhan, the company's chairman of the board of directors, Varank then visited the production facilities and examined the wagon tanks that were produced.

The first cars on the road farewell loaded on trucks to be sent to Iraq Varank, Gebze, Turkey's Cryocan Founded in 2009, she said the 70 percent average growth is among the fastest-growing companies.

Varank noted that the company, which produces high pressure tanks from 1 cubic meter to 5 thousand cubic meters, from 1 bar to 100 bar, is among the respected companies of the world in this field and said, “We are a company that cares about R&D and innovation and invests in this field. The defense industry can produce high-tech, value-added products such as nitrogen and liquid hydrogen tanks used in particle accelerators and space technologies. Turkey has the ability to really proud to see us in person. " He spoke in the form.

Referring to the export performance of the company, Varank said, "Cryocan exports approximately 80 percent of its total sales to 66 countries." said.

Minister Varank drew attention to the fact that the company is in a leading position in the sector with the projects of the R&D Office and Design Center in Erciyes Technopark.

The company delivered Turkey's first key to be used towards iron Oil and stressed that LPG Wagon tank manufacturing also perform Varank, "tank wagons manufactured with high local content in Kocaeli, Turkey, Iraq will play a major role in shifting the overland rail of oil and transport fuels." found the assessment.


Tekin Urhan said that they have been manufacturing cryogenic and pressure vessels in Dilovası for 10 years.

Stating that their products are used in the storage of liquid industrial gases, Urhan noted that they completely carry out the design, R&D and production at the facilities in Dilovası.

Urhan stated that Iraq is planning to shift its oil transportation to the railroad with a total of 2 thousand wagon tanks:

“Iraqi Railways is currently carrying out a project to shift oil transportation from the road to the railroad. Iraqi Railways decided to walk on the road with Cryocan in this project. We are currently shipping the first of 50 tanks. This production will continue up to 400 units. Our deliveries will continue until the end of 2022. "


Stating that they aim to deliver 100 more wagons by the end of this year, Urhan said, “We are currently delivering our first wagon tanks. Our Minister of Industry is with us, we are excited about this. We are farewell as of today. On the opposite side, the Iraqi Minister of Transport will meet. " used the expressions.

Urhan informed that fuel-oil, crude oil or LPG are stored in the tank wagons they produced for Iraq and said, “The design belongs to us completely. It is designed and produced by our own engineers. As a second step, we started the production of LPG wagon tanks for projects for transporting LPG on railways. The first prototype is ready. " said.

Emphasizing that tanks and tankers work all over the world, Urhan added that they export their products to 66 countries.

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