Buca Metro Will Be Tendered on February 15

Buca metro will be tendered in February
Buca metro will be tendered in February

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will realize with an investment of 414 million TL KarşıyakaSpeaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Çiğli Tram line, CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also shared a pleasing development regarding the Buca metro.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu gave the good news that, at the request of President Soyer, the tender will be announced on February 15 for the Buca Metro.

"Think of the Republic of Turkey and consider the treasure it. Think of the ministry that runs the treasury. They pay 5 and 6 percent interest when borrowing from international markets. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality borrowed 1 billion 70 million Euros with 3 percent. half the interest paid by the Republic of Turkey Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is able to borrow. This is our our municipalities in the international arena, better than the wealth of the Republic of Turkey in the eyes of the international financial institutions, is proving to be more reliable. This makes us proud. We will change the history of Turkey, we came to power together with our friends.

Turkey Fund Assets international borrowing went 3 times. Although he wanted to pay 5-6 percent interest, nobody gave a loan. Our Izmir Metropolitan Mayor said, 'I will build the metro. I will contribute to the solution of İzmir's transportation problem ”. They agreed to borrow 1 billion 70 million euros with 3 percent interest. 4 years grace period. In good conditions. Will be paid in 12 years. Providing loans from the international market with a hundred percent lower interest than the interest paid by the treasury shows how strong the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is. Our municipality has a very high credibility in the international arena. An international tender will be announced for the Buca metro on 15 February. Tenders will be transparent as always. In our municipalities, there is no "find your man, I will give the tender, you give us money". In our municipalities, tenders are open to the public, everybody knows, everybody sees. Everybody in Turkey should know that. CHP municipalities are working perfectly, doing all the work. "

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