Eco-Friendly Electric Bus of Antalya on the Roads

the Italian electric bus on the road
the Italian electric bus on the road

The electric bus that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality plans to implement in order to facilitate urban transportation and contribute to the environment, made a test drive on KL 08 Sarısu Güzeloba line.

The electric bus, which will continue to do test drives on the lines determined in the center of Antalya, received full marks from the citizens. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, President Muhittin BöcekIt continues its test drives on the electric bus, which is among the targets of . The electric bus, which made its first test drive on the nostalgia tram line, is also being tested on urban lines. The modern and environmentally friendly electric bus is making a trial run in urban transportation.


The electric bus, which is completely domestic production, performs its test drive in urban public transportation on the KL 08 line on the Sarısu-Güzeloba route. It is planned that the 10.7-meter-long electric bus will continue its test drive on certain lines determined in the center. The electric bus stands out as a means of transportation suitable for today's conditions, comfortable, quiet, environmentally friendly and easily used by disabled citizens. Electric vehicle with zero exhaust emission capacity of 90 passengers.


The electric bus, which is planned to be integrated into the public transportation system as soon as possible, received full marks from the citizens of Antalya. The electric bus, which was presented to the public with trial drives, attracted great attention on the streets of Antalya on its first trip. While the citizens who carefully examined the bus received information from the authorities, some citizens also took a photo and video of the bus.


Saying that he liked the electric bus very much, Kadir Çelik said, “I am one of the first passengers to board the first flight. Quiet, clean and very spacious inside. It doesn't harm the environment either. I was very satisfied,” he said. Ayten Doğan, one of the first passengers of the trial voyage, said, “The world now needs a fresh breath and projects that think about the environment. Very well thought Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin BöcekThank you. I hope it spreads,” he said.

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