What Are Biometric Readers?

What Are Biometric Readers rayhaber
What Are Biometric Readers rayhaber

Biometric readers are the common name of devices for identification using features such as fingerprints, finger veins and face recognition.

As people try to keep their lives and work environments safer without sacrificing user convenience, the demand for biometric readers is increasing. Fingerprint readers improve facility security without sacrificing user comfort. Each person has only their unique fingerprint and finger vein map so they are unlikely to be imitated. In addition, imitation of the human face is also close to impossible. Biometric readersBased on this originality, it makes high quality verification processes.

The data of the employees in workplaces such as enterprises and production facilities where security is of great importance are loaded into a database and entries and exits are successfully controlled.

ZKTecoIt is one of the largest organizations in the world, offering the latest technology products and solutions in security systems such as pdks, x-ray, access control, and smart locks.                     

Where to Use Biometric Fingerprint Reader?

The process of logging in and out using fingerprints is one of the most used methods for tracking employees. Fingerprint readers that accomplish this are widely preferred in both private enterprises and government buildings. The feature of opening the door by using fingerprints enables passage by quickly opening the turnstiles in the entrance section.

This system includes a fingerprint reader device and a computer connected to the device. In this computer, the database is compared with the fingerprint received from the device through the program and database containing fingerprint data. The verification process happens quickly.

Fingerprint steel door lock is also among the usage areas of these readers. With these readers, the need to use cards is eliminated.

ZKTeco Biometric Fingerprint Readers

SLK20R Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

SLK20R is a superior fingerprint scanner with SilkID technology. It provides high quality fingerprint images thanks to its 2MP camera.

ZK9500 Optical Fingerprint Scanner

High-tech ZK9500 optical fingerprint scanner supports finger detection. Developed by ZKTeco, this scanner captures high resolution and fast fingerprint images. It has a compact design and is easy to use fingerprint enrollment on the desktop. It continues to consume low power even when connected to your Android phones and tablets.

SLK20S Biometric Fingerprint Reader

SLK20S is the enhanced version of the SLK20M model. Supports high capacity fingerprint collection module and template storage-expansion function. Integrated with ZKFinger V10.0, the perfect fingerprint recognition algorithm independently developed by ZKTeco, the product can quickly perform offline extraction and comparison of fingerprint templates in the module and support fingerprint template comparison on the host computer.

Biometric Finger Vein Scanner

Biometric finger vein scanner has a different system than Biometric fingerprint reader. The finger vein recognition system does not collect or compare people's fingerprints like other readers. In this system, verification is carried out with the vein map unique to each individual.

FPV10R Fingerprint and Finger Vein Scanner

FPV10R is a fingerprint and finger vein scanner. This system uses index level accuracy improvement. It performs dual verification of both fingerprints and finger veins with a single scan. It can scan both the finger surface and the inner side of the vein, thus preventing false attempts.

Biometric Face Recognition System

Biometric recognition systems is the most popular among. In addition to authenticating according to the facial features of the individual, it can also be used to identify suspicious people.

In addition, Biometric Face Recognition system can be preferred in places where security should be at the highest level. If there is no equivalent in the database, no entry can be made. In this way, the security of the facility is kept at the highest level.

Multiple Biometric Readers

Multiple Biometric readers as well as these devices There are also. These have more than one feature. Your security needs are met on a single device. The security level increases significantly.

SFACE900 Time and Attendance Control System

ZKTeco's newly released SFace900 Semi-Outdoor Multi Biometric Time Control (PDKS) and Access Control Terminal supports 3.000 face templates, 4.000 fingerprint templates and 10.000 cards. It is the first terminal with a high-performance camera that allows installation under a porch.

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