LG Tone Free Wireless Headset will be sold in Turkey in March

Ig to the free wireless headset in March turkiyede
Ig to the free wireless headset in March turkiyede

uvnano charge box through headphones while charging clearing bacteria * destroys every moment that you want the superior sound quality of the MERIDIAN technology will allow you to carry around your LG TONE Free wireless headset series will be sold in Turkey in March.

LG Electronics (LG), with its new channel type design, fits comfortably in the ear, ambient sound mode, UVnano charging box that removes bacteria from the earbuds as it charges, Active Noise Canceling * to provide you with a unique sound experience with superior sound quality of MERIDIAN technology and longer listening pleasure * * (ANC), featuring the LG TONE Free Wireless Headphones FN4, and will offer FN6 FN7 models sold in Turkey with black and white color options as of March.

Superior Sound Technology with Meridian Support

The LG TONE Free series features headphone spatial processing technology called Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP), an extra dimension supported by Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which MERIDIAN has perfected for over 25 years. HSP not only gives you a realistic sound experience, it also offers clear vocals that completely immers you.

Hygienic Headphones

The LG TONE Free FN6 and FN7 also include LG's innovative UVnano charging case. Using ultraviolet light, the box helps to keep your ears cleaner by eliminating 99,9 percent of bacteria * in the inner mesh of the earphones. Moreover, the charge level and UVnano status can be easily monitored with the LED lighting on the top of the box.

LG TONE Free provides 6 hours of use when fully charged. On the other hand, the UVnano charging case can extend this time up to 3 hours by providing 18 full charges.

Easy to Use, Extra Durability

LG TONE Free series is IPX4 certified, which shows that it protects against splashing water, rain and perspiration while exercising. TONE Free wireless headphones also feature Voice Command for easy voice access to Google Assistant or Siri. With touch commands, you can change the volume, pause, skip and control your TONE Free without the need for your connected device.

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