Seafood Sector Passes Pandemic Without Injury

water products sector passed the pandemic without any injury
water products sector passed the pandemic without any injury

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, who visited a company engaged in aquaculture in Dikili district within the scope of İzmir program. Bekir Pakdemirli received information from the company authorities here.

Pakdemirli, who made investigations on the fish farm, left some lahos fish in the sea at the pier of the facility.

Then Pakdemirli in statements to reporters, said that Turkey has a very strong position in the fishery.


Reminding that the industry was the first export target of 2023 billion dollars in 1, Pakdemirli stated that this target was achieved in 2019.

Emphasizing that their new targets are 2 billion dollars and they are turning to the target with certain steps, Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“In the pandemic process, there was a short-term impact on our exports, necessarily. We made campaigns in the markets to compensate them. By taking initiatives on issues such as increase in consumption in the domestic market, we succeeded in keeping our fishing sector alive. Our aquaculture industry passed the pandemic without any injuries. Now, our exports have been opened with more confident steps. We have no problems. ”


Expressing that they continue to support seafood products, Pakdemirli said, “We also announced 2 pounds of support for the kilogram of fish produced and processed. These 2 lira support was also very important to keep our producer's moral motivation high. The communiqué of this was published recently. We are always with our industry. ” he spoke.

Pakdemirli, fish consumption in the last 20 years in Turkey, it is a flat course, the finished by saying:

"Yes, our exports and our production is increasing, but watching a very stable consumption in Turkey. On the contrary, consumption of red meat and chicken is also increasing. We think that all protein sources should be consumed in a balanced way. We also care about fish very much. Fish is not only our city by the sea in Turkey, Turkey's all to consume fish is healthy we are constantly underlines. In this regard, we constantly support our industry and their marketing activities. We always say. Eat fish and stay healthy. ”

Minister Pakdemirli, after his explanations, also examined the cages where aquaculture was made from the air.

Günceleme: 17/06/2020 12:31

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