Number of Day Care Centers Reached 123

Number of Gunduzlu Care Centers
Number of Gunduzlu Care Centers

Day Care Centers in 75 Provinces Will Restart Their Activities From 1 July

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, explained that the number of Day Care Centers has reached 123 as of this year, by transferring full or part time services to disabled citizens. With the normalization process, Selçuk announced that the Gündüzlü Care Centers in 1 provinces will start operating on July 75st.

Selçuk, who made an assessment on the subject; “Our number of Day Care Centers, which we put into practice for the first time at the end of 2018, has reached 123 as of today. Together with the normalization calendar, we will continue to serve our disabled in these centers by providing the necessary measures. ” said.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the Day Care Centers were created with the aim of 'breathing the devoted lives' looking after the disabled. “Our main goal is to help families who are caring for their disabled at home by allowing them to spend more time, and to make our disabled more active in social life.” he spoke.

Minister Selçuk also stated that in the day-care centers, which are formed according to the gender and age groups of the disabled, disability groups, they benefit from daily life programs with various activities accompanied by master trainers, professional staff and health personnel.

Saying that agricultural rehabilitation, occupational workshops, music workshops, painting workshops and sports activities, theater, music, folk dances, drama, marbling and similar activities are also offered for disabled people, they aim to expand the Day Care Centers model. also noted.

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