Warning from İzmir Metro for the disabled do not use Halkapınar metro station

📩 17/12/2018 18:23

Not to use Halkapınar metro station for the disabled from Izmir Metro warning: Disabled lift in Halkapınar metro station in Izmir is completely renewed. Renovation works start today and during the 15-day work, disabled passengers were requested to transfer at another metro station.

İzmir Metro is frequently renewing the elevators in subway stations which cause problems of people with disabilities and disabled citizens.

Elevator renovation work started at Halkapınar metro station.
In the statement made by İzmir Metro, citizens with disabilities were asked to use another metro station during the 15-day works that will start today.

The statement made by İzmir Metro is as follows;
Our priority is to ensure that our elevators serving our disabled citizens in our stations are safe, comfortable and safe.

For this purpose, the maintenance and control of the equipment is made continuously and change is made if necessary.
With the same understanding, it was decided to completely renew the Izmir Halkapınar station external elevator, and the necessary preparations were completed.

In particular, the passenger, who use disabled vehicles, access to Halkapınar Station and Eshot transfer point, 05.07.2017 will not be able to provide services for 15 days from Wednesday.

During the renewal activity in order to provide safer and more comfortable access for our disabled passengers; It will be appropriate for those who will use the buses to take Halkapınar Eshot transfer to another Izmir Metro station closest to the bus route.

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