Our National Brand Electromagnetic Ball ŞAHİ-209

our national brand electromagnetic ball
our national brand electromagnetic ball

ŞAHİ-209 was produced by our talenttology company established in OSTIM to produce original designs and national solutions in electromagnetic launch systems technology.

ŞAHİ-209 took its name from the founding date of the “SHAHI” and the Turkish Land Forces, which was the most effective weapon Fatih used to destroy the walls of Istanbul during the siege of Istanbul, and the establishment date of the Turkish Land Forces.

ŞAHİ-209 has a 100% national design and contains 95% domestic parts.

developed with local and national facility for the first time in Turkey over 1 kilogram, or 35 millimeter caliber, hypersonic disposable, which can fulfill various functional plug and destruction mission.

Technical Specifications

  • Barrel Length: 7 meters.
  • Barrel group: ~ 8 tons.
  • Power: 10 Megajule.
  • Ammo: 35 mm.
  • Ammunition Weight: ~ 1500 gr.
  • Range: 50 km.
  • Speed: Hypersonic (6 Times the Speed ​​of Sound)

Günceleme: 28/06/2020 14:01

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